We are the Country’s Largest Provider
of Renewable Energy

AboitizPower’s diverse portfolio of hydroelectric, geothermal, solar power generation, and thermal facilities establishes us as one of the nation’s top power producers. 

With ownership of the second- and third-largest distribution utilities in the country, our assets power up communities and businesses through reliable, reasonable, and responsible energy solutions that help create A Better Future for every community. 

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  • 49

    Number of Power Generation Facilities Nationwide 

  • 928.42 MW

    Renewable Attributable Net Sellable Capacity 

  • 3962.25 MW

    Total Attributable Net Sellable Capacity 

  • 9

    Number of Distribution Utilities Nationwide 

  • 1000000 +

    Number of DU Customers Nationwide 

  • 4500 km2 +

    Total Area Coverage of Distribution Utilities Nationwide

Project Map

With over 45 generation facilities and distribution utilities nationwide, AboitizPower is more than capable of creating a better tomorrow for everyone. Click our project map to view our businesses and assets across the country.

Fueling the Nation’s Energy Needs

Our Brand Architecture

 Our Brand Architecture

Our Cleanergy Facilities

We make the dream of a sustainably powered future a reality. Our Cleanergy portfolio helps us take you there. 

Our Distribution Utilities

AboitizPower owns the second- and third-largest distribution utilities in the Philippines. With experience spanning more than 80 years, we provide dependable energy to communities and businesses across the country. 

Retail Electricity Suppliers

AboitizPower, together with our partners, plays a major role in the retail electricity market, serving over 300 customers from various communities and businesses with operations based in Luzon and Visayas.   

  • Aboitiz Energy Solutions, Inc. (AESI)

    Since 1994, AESI has been AboitizPower’s official Retail Electricity Supplier providing energy solutions that help companies manage their power quality and efficiency. 

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  • Advent Energy, Inc. (AdventEnergy)

    AdventEnergy stands out as a provider by sourcing electricity from a 100% renewable source, providing reliable access to a purely eco-driven power supply. 

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  • Prism Energy, Inc. (Prism Energy)

    Established as a joint venture between AboitizPower and Vivant in 2009, Prism Energy aims to advance Visayan communities and businesses with dependable energy sources. 

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  • SN AboitPower RES, Inc. (SNAP-RES)

    SNAP-RES caters to consumers using an average of at least 1 MW across all industries under Open Access. It offers energy supply packages tailored to our customers’ needs and preferences. 

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Business Disclosure and Notices

  • Notice of Virtual Hearing: ERC Case No. 2022-002 MC (PV Sinag Power, Inc. P2P)

    February 4, 2022

  • Order: ERC Case No. 2022-002 MC (PV Sinag Power, Inc. P2P)

    February 4, 2022

  • Notice of Hearing (CPEC P2P)

    Octorber 20, 2021

  • Virtual Hearing: Therma Luzon, Inc. | ERC Case No. 2021-008 MC

    March 2, 2021


Business Highlights

  • AboitizPower eyes ₱190-B spend for RE growth

    AboitizPower eyes ₱190-B spend for RE growth

    Aboitiz Power Corporation projects spending around ₱190 billion over the next decade for an additional 3,700 megawatts (MW) under its Cleanergy portfolio, resulting in a 50:50 balance between its renewable and thermal capacities by 2030.    

  • AboitizPower moves IT infrastructure to the cloud

    AboitizPower moves IT infrastructure to the cloud

    AboitizPower distribution utilities, which serve around 1 million customers nationwide, migrated their enterprise and legacy systems from on-premise servers to the Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud computing platform of tech company Amazon Inc. This innovation provided the company with increased system reliability and scalability, reduced operating costs, and better customer service.