Every Business Decision We Make is Anchored on Good Corporate Governance

AboitizPower’s corporate actions are based only on good governance policies that safeguard the welfare of the company, the environment, its employees, and our partner stakeholders.

AboitizPower’s organizational structure ensures the efficient and high-quality business output of our vast operations across the country. This is aligned with our goal to uphold the highest ethical business standards throughout all our corporate decisions.

We also practice updated ethical guidelines to meet the current demands for action in forwarding sustainability worldwide.

We strive to achieve a better future through the integrity of our initiatives both as a business enterprise and as an environmental partner. 

Integrated Management System (IMS) Policy

AboitizPower commits to providing reliable power supply to enhance customer satisfaction. To do this, we embody high P.E.R.F.O.R.M.A.N.C.E. by:

Providing a venue for our employees to develop skills and strengthen collaboration;

Ensuring to protect the environment by minimizing the negative impact of our activities and; 

Reducing OH&S risks and eliminating hazards to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our people and partners;

Facilitating the management of the whole lifecycle of power assets;

Operating and maintaining power systems to optimize the overall economic return of our investment;

Regularly reviewing, testing, and updating business continuity plans to ensure continuity of our operations;

Managing risks and opportunities, and implementing controls in our processes and systems;

Assuring the availability, confidentiality, integrity, and protection of information assets and information processing systems;

Nurturing, protecting, and continuously building relationships with our stakeholders;

Complying with the organization’s obligations and managing its compliance risk, and;

Ensuring that we continually improve our processes and systems.

AboitizPower upholds the high P.E.R.F.O.R.M.A.N.C.E. principle to achieve and sustain Business Results, Operational Excellence, Service Excellence, and Employee Development.

The IMS policy shall be periodically reviewed to ensure adequacy and applicability. Furthermore, the policy will be communicated within the organization and will be made available to interested parties. 

Click here to see other IMS policy of AboitizPower's subsidiary.

Certifications (2021)

We remain committed to growing our business in a manner that has the least adverse effect on our people, environment and communities. Our operations abide extensively to various safety, health, and environmental laws and regulations. We adhere to strict international standards and continuously improve the conduct of our operations to ensure a safe workplace and improve efficiency.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, a few of the AboitizPower subsidiaries in Power Generation which were ready for their recertification or surveillance audit have decided to defer it to 2021 or 2022. Meanwhile, our Power Distribution maintained 100% certification on ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety or OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Despite the hurdles, our Oil Business Unit marked a milestone for being the first in AboitizPower to be conferred with the ISO 50001:2018 “Energy Management Systems (EnMS)” certification.

With the EnMS certification in place, the Oil BU is poised to improve its performance by promoting efficiency, reducing energy costs associated with electricity and fuel consumption, and continuing to comply with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act of 2019 (Republic Act No. 11285) and Department of Energy Circular No. 2021-01-0001.

An audit for the certification was conducted by DQS Certification Philippines in December 2020, also issuing the same certification in March 2021 to the Oil BU’s six facilities ― Cebu Private Power Corporation, East Asia Utilities Corporation, and Therma Power Visayas, Inc. in Cebu; Therma Marine, Inc. in Maco, Davao de Oro and Nasipit, Agusan del Norte; Therma Mobile, Inc. in Navotas, Metro Manila; and its administrative office in Malabon City.

According to DQS Certification Philippines, the implementation of an energy management system and the identification & analysis of all energy-related considerations make the flows of energy transparent, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and helps save cost, among others.

See below the summary of ISO certification status of AboitizPower’s operational-controlled subsidiaries in 2021.

*Ready for certification/recertification/surveillance in 2020 but deferred to 2021 or 2022 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Notes on Data Transparency:

1. Companies are operationally controlled by AboitizPower
2. Companies listed are operational facilities as of end 2021 

Policy Influence

The company abides by the applicable laws on lobbying interests in accordance with: Republic Act No. 1827 “An Act to Regulate Lobbying in the Congress of the Philippines and in the Commission on Appointments”, Republic Act 11232 “Act Providing for the Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines” and the Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines. 

The company prohibits the influence of any legislators or committees of Congress, to pass or defeat legislation that may be beneficial or in favor of the company, in exchange for money or property. The company in its conduct of business does not provide any monetary contributions for the following activities:

  1. Political campaigns, ballots measures or referendums.
  2. Political organizations whose role is to influence political campaigns or legislative activities
  3. Policy Lobbying Groups. 

Tax Transparency

The Aboitiz Group (the “Group) believes in, and adheres to the fundamental principles of good governance. We believe in paying the correct taxes on time and complying with all administrative and reportorial requirements. We recognize that the transparent engagement with our stakeholders is critical to the sustainability, as well as the creation of long-term value of our business. 

As a responsible corporate citizen living in the value of integrity, guided on tax matters by the Tax Committee chaired by the Group Chief Finance Officer, the Group commits to:

  • Contribute our share to the country’s economic development efforts by paying the correct taxes on time;
  • Create, implement, review, and enhance business processes to efficiently comply with applicable tax regulatory requirements; 
  • Adopt sustainable tax principles, philosophies, and best practices that are aligned with the overall Group’s goals and strategies;
  • Engage with stakeholders with transparency and establish a cooperative relationship with tax authorities in jurisdictions where we operate; and
  • Keep our business partners’ trust and confidence by operating with transparency and accountability.

We monitor and function as an added layer of checks and balances in respect of the Group’s compliance with tax filings, payments, as well as of records retention and management. There are periodic discussions to ensure and promote uniformity of best practices and position across the group.

We continuously educate ourselves to keep up with tax, legal, and business developments in the industries as well as tax jurisdictions applicable to the Group’s portfolio. To ensure that the Group is updated and compliant with the new tax rules and regulations, we actively identify and immediately address competency gaps, consistently advocate for continuous learning & development, review existing policies & controls, and where appropriate, consult our external advisors.  

Supply Chain Management

With the growing needs of the company, AboitizPower ensures that it partners with suppliers that will not only be able to deliver their products or services accordingly, but will also give importance to sustainability and doing sustainable business practices. The company recently released its Supplier Code of Conduct (the “Code”) which aims to align our company values with our suppliers, and to strengthen our supplier’s standard on doing business with the company.

This Code ensures that all of our suppliers will uphold and share the same values and sustainability principles when doing business with the Company, and adhere to our compliance, ethical, social, labor, environmental and quality standards and requirements.

The Company urges its suppliers to promote the same sustainable standards and commitments expected from the Code to their respective supply chain.  

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