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AboitizPower generates profit with a purpose by allowing stakeholders to invest in the energy sector.

As the Philippines’ largest owner and operator of renewable energy based on installed capacity, we believe in responsible energy investments that power communities and create significant positive environmental impact.

On top of that, we are the country’s second-largest power generation and distribution and retail enterprise with a growing stock value and a highly satisfied shareholder base.

Discover how to invest in energy for A Better Future with AboitizPower.


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Why Invest in AboitizPower?

AboitizPower believes that the future lies in sustainable options. We provide our shareholders with the opportunity to reduce fossil fuel dependency and champion sustainable power as a company with renewable energy investments. 

AboitizPower’s diversified portfolio of assets ranging from geothermal, solar, wind, and coal-fired power plants ensures the reliable and continuous distribution of energy to its customers.

Here’s why investing in AboitizPower makes sense for the future:

  • Second largest generation company (installed capacity)
  • Second largest distribution and retail player
  • Largest retail player in the Philippines
  • Largest renewable capacity (controlled installed capacity, most number of renewable facilities)

Our company also leverages our strengths through these methods:

  • Most diverse power generation company in terms of geography, power stack, and fuel types
  • Experienced management and expertise (since 1918)
  • Strong financial position with stable cash generation, low leverage, and attractive dividend policies

We have ambitions that we are dedicated to achieving:

  • 9,200 MW installed capacity by 2030
  • A 50:50 Cleanergy and Thermal capacity mix by 2030
  • Targeting to maximize contestable market share

What’s Our Business Strategy?

The highlight of our business strategy is to increase our shareholder value by developing new generation projects on renewable energy, selectively acquiring existing generating facilities, expanding our electricity-related services, and continuing to improve the operational efficiency of our existing generation and distribution facilities.

Specifically, our AboitizPower strategy aims to:

  • Expand our power generation portfolio;
  • Contract the bulk of our attributable net sellable capacity and leverage the generating portfolio mix;
  • Expand the scope of our distribution business and continue to improve the operational efficiency of its existing distribution assets; and
  • Maintain a high level of social responsibility in the communities we operate in.

What are Our Competitive Strengths?

Our edge as a reputable energy provider is anchored on our:

  • Strong track record in both power generation and distribution;
  • Ability to take advantage of expected strong power market fundamentals;
  • Power generation contracts that provide steady and predictable cash flow;
  • Benefits from renewable energy sources;
  • Dependable and growing sources of income from our power distribution businesses;
  • Strong financial position and the ability to obtain limited recourse and corporate level financing;
  • Established relationships with strategic partners; and
  • Strong and experienced management team.


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