We Are A People-first Organization

AboitizPower owes its success to people who work behind the scenes in making the world a better place through reliable, reasonable, and responsible energy solutions.

We are also only as strong as the bond we have with our community. We draw our strength from the homes and businesses we’ve sustained with the energy we provide.

This is why AboitizPower delivers on its social commitment through activities and advocacy efforts that contribute to the overall development of our team and the communities we serve.

These activities include nurturing relationships with our partner communities, boosting stakeholder engagement efforts, providing venues for employee development, minimizing occupational health and safety risks, and eliminating hazards to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Our primary investment begins with people so we can have a better tomorrow. 

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

In AboitizPower (AP), we are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our team members and partners. We fulfill this commitment by identifying the hazards associated with our operations, processes and workspaces, assessing the risks and putting up measures to address them. To deliver on our mission, safety remains a top priority and it is everyone’s responsibility.

With safety in mind, we will pursue continuous improvement in our occupational safety and health practices, and provide our people and partners with the knowledge and skills through training or workshops, as well as tools and measures to further eliminate our occupational safety and health risks and hazards. AboitizPower prides itself in its year-on-year overall reduction of “Total Recordable Incident Rate” (TRIR), which is one of the key measures of our safety performance.

The coverage of the company’s OSH management includes activities of both organic and contracted personnel. Contractors are covered by virtue of AP’s “prevailing influence”. “Prevailing Influence” is considered to be in place when contractor employees are required to adhere to safety rules and regulations laid down by AboitizPower or to use methods, processes, or other techniques provided by the company. A reportable contractor is when AboitizPower exerts a prevailing influence with regard to safety management practices.

In 2021, the company accounts for its LTIFR and TRIR performance of its 2,954 organic employees and 4,297 contractors. See notes on transparency. There are 703 team members who are part of the Health & Safety Committee of the company. Each reporting operational site has at least one Health and Safety member.

A total of 2,770 organic employees have completed the 8-Hour Mandatory Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Training for Workers in 2021. The training is required by the Department of Labor and Employment in pursuant to the Republic Act No. 11058 “AN ACT STRENGTHENING COMPLIANCE TO OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH STANDARDS AND PROVIDING PENALTIES.” Moreover, as part of its ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety‎ Certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certification, the company ensures that there are programs in place for employees across all business units to have sufficient training and knowledge.


 Safety Commitment Oath


Notes for data transparency:

TRIR = (Fatality+LTI+RWC+MTC)*1,000,000)/Total Manhours.
LTI – Lost Time Incidents. A work related injury or illness that results to the inability of the injured employee to report to work and perform his or her normal job functions. An LTI is when the employee was not able to perform any regular job, restricted work or report for work on any day after the injury was received.
RWC – Restricted Work Case
MTC – Medical Treatment Case

In parallel, Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) is captured, meantime this rate is limited to (LTI)*1,000,000)/Total Manhours. 

The health and safety data accounts for 100% of all our operationally controlled units. In establishing the rates, performance data were consolidated from corporate office, and operationally controlled generation and distribution organizations of AP.

Generation units included in the report are the following: AP Renewables, Inc, San Carlos Sun Power, Inc., Luzon Hydro Corp., Hedcor, Inc., Hedcor Sibulan, Inc., Hedcor, Tudaya, Inc., Hedcor Sabangan, Inc., Hedcor Bukidnon, Inc., Therma Marine, Inc., Therma Mobile, Inc., Therma South, Inc., East Asia Utilities Corporation, Cebu Private Power Corporation, SN Aboitiz Power Magat, Inc., SN Aboitiz Power Benguet, Inc., Therma Power Visayas, Inc., and Therma Visayas, Inc.

Distribution utilities included in the report are the following: Visayan Electric Company, Inc., Davao Light and Power Company, Inc., Cotabato Light and Power Company, Subic EnerZone Corporation, Balamban EnerZone Corporation, Mactan EnerZone Corporation, LiMA EnerZone Corporation.  

Talent Management

AboitizPower recognizes that talents are fundamental to its success. We believe that a strategic and professional approach to Talent Management enables us to attract, develop, optimize, and retain key talents. This further enables us to fulfill our strategic goals aligned to our core values. We are committed to ensuring that Talent Management is conducted in a manner that is professional, systematic, efficient, effective, and promotes equality of opportunity. 

The objective of AboitizPower’s Talent Management is to ensure the availability of talents with the required competencies needed to deliver and support the Company’s present and long-term strategic objectives aligned with its core values.  

The following core principles of Talent Management are adopted in AboitizPower:

  • Merit-Based. All aspects of Talent Management, from hiring, learning and development, growth and advancement, performance management, and rewards and recognition shall be based on merit using impartial criteria and conducted in a manner that is fair, systematic, efficient and effective.
  • Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity. The Company shall retain, develop and advance talents and continuously implement the Talent Management Program, which shall encourage and allow participation of all qualified talents regardless of age, sexual orientation and/or gender identity, disability, social status, political opinion, religion, nationality, marital or parental status (including pregnancy), ethnicity or other status protected by law.
  • Inclusion and Diversity. The Company shall encourage and proactively support the development of Talents from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, the Company shall endeavor to create a workplace that adequately promotes diversity within teams and inclusivity in the development of Talents across all business units.
  • Development and Enhancement. The Company shall support and encourage the development of HR practitioners and Talent Managers to ensure that they are capable of designing programs and processes to build a winning culture, and to act as change facilitators who are able to motivate Talents and promote a highly engaged workforce amidst a dynamic and evolving business environment. 
  • Innovation and Agile Talent Management. HR practitioners and Talent Managers shall continuously develop and innovate ideas, whether through the use of new technologies, data analytics, or improved processes to address Talent risks and sustain an agile workforce.

Talent Attraction

Our Recruitment process enables us to attract and appoint Candidates with the necessary skills and attributes to fulfill our strategic aims and support our core values. We ensure that our recruitment and selection of candidates is conducted in a manner that is professional, systematic, efficient, effective and promotes equality of opportunity. Moreover, we ensure that our hiring is done consistently, transparently, fairly and in accordance with Company values and in compliance with relevant domestic and international employment legislation.

More information on Aboitiz Group talent attraction (recruitment), optimization, and retention HERE.   

Working Hours 

AboitizPower ensures strict compliance with Philippine labor laws on working hours, and salary and compensation. As a general rule, employees are encouraged to accomplish their work assignments within their regular working hours. However, if unable to do so, and due to the necessity of the job, an employee may be asked to work overtime. An employee shall be allowed a maximum of 16 working hours per day, inclusive of regular working hours and overtime.


The salary and compensation packages given to AboitizPower employees are fair, equitable, differentiated based on value and merit, aligned with market standards and practices, and compliant with laws and regulations. In addition, the company also provides incentives and recognition for the achievement of organizational objectives and individual/team goals as well as the demonstration of desired behaviors.

Talent Development

AboitizPower takes pride in honing our A-people to reach their highest potential. We have different employee development programs to support continued learning and career progression within our organization. We encourage internal mobility across our business units and last 2020, 22.59% of our job vacancies were filled internally by our team members.

Employee Engagement

 As part of our triple bottom line approach, AboitizPower values our employees and made it a point to implement fair and beneficial business practices for the organization’s team members. We measure the degree to which our employees feel valued in our company through our Culture survey and Gallup Employee Engagement Survey. The 2021 Gallup Survey of AboitizPower is participated by 99% of our employees and received an employee engagement result of 56% satisfaction.

Talent Analytics (2021)

In 2021, the company has a total workforce of 3,049 team members, with a total turnover rate of 8.98% where 6.12% is considered voluntary separation. Our employee total turnover considers both voluntary and involuntary separations within the company.

Our talent analytics show the composition of our workforce according to position, gender, age and tenure.

Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, Inclusion and Diversity

AboitizPower is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial to our purpose of driving change for a better world. We consider and encourage all applicants without discriminating against age, sexual orientation and/or gender identity, disability, political opinion, religion, nationality, marital or parental status (including pregnancy), ethnicity or other status protected by law. Our equal opportunity and non-discrimination policies apply in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, talent management and employee integration. 

As part of its core principle for recruitment, AboitizPower shall recruit and select qualified candidates without discriminating on the basis of age, sexual orientation and/or gender identity, disability, social status, political opinion, religion, nationality, marital or parental status (including pregnancy), ethnicity or other status protected by law. The company is guided, supportive, and aspires to recruit talents from diverse backgrounds, including those from non-traditional career paths, and those from underprivileged or minority backgrounds.

Moreover, to support and promote employee integration, the company ensures communication, education and awareness programs on topics such as raising awareness on diversity and inclusion or on the Company’s zero-tolerance culture against any acts of discrimination. 

Celebrating diversity and inclusion in AboitizPower

AboitizPower, headed by its Legal team, formalized its efforts to promote and raise awareness on diversity and inclusion within the company starting in 2019.

AboitizPower’s Diversity and Inclusion campaign is focused on communicating the primacy of merit above gender or sexual preference, age, religion, or ethnic background. It is aimed at raising awareness on diversity and inclusion, promoting respect and celebrating individuality, all while practicing the culture of excellence and high performance.


Monthly articles on the inspiring stories of our high-performing employees of diverse backgrounds and cultures across all AboitizPower business units. These articles featured members of the organization who are strong women leaders, differently-abled employees, members of different Philippine ethnic groups and religions, and members of the LGBTQ+ community, among others. 

Cascade of Philippine laws that relate to diversity and inclusion. During the quarterly town hall meetings, AboitizPower Legal conducted lectures on the Expanded Maternity Leave Law, the HIV and AIDS Policy Act, the Safe Spaces Act, the Amended Magna Carta for Persons with Disability, and the Anti-Age Discrimination in Employment Act.  

Competitions that celebrate the diversity of employees at AboitizPower were also held, such as a karaoke contest featuring songs that empower and uplift women, and a photo contest showcasing the different regional and ethnic cultures of the company’s employees.

In celebration of Pride Month, a Pride Forum and movie screening were organized to promote the inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community in the organization. At the Pride Forum, participants learned the importance of understanding and promoting sensitivity to people’s sexual orientation, expression, and identity (SOGIE)

Music and Arts Festival was held to exhibit the works of Philippine artists and photographers which highlight diversity and inclusion. The event also included performances by different musical acts in the company, who played songs that celebrate individuality. The funds raised were donated to the Aboitiz Foundation, and the Home of the Golden Gays, a care facility for elderly, destitute gay men who perform in drag to make a living.



AboitizPower continues to champion diversity and inclusion in the organization as part of its commitment to equal opportunity and celebrating equality and inclusivity. In 2021, more efforts were made to ensure that the company institutionalizes its pursuit of a more diverse and inclusive talent pool by integrating this strong belief into our talent management, recruitment, and employee integration governance and process.

Respecting Human Rights

As part of Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV), a conglomerate that is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the Board of Trustees of the Global Compact Network Philippines, and supports the Ten Principles of the UNGC, AboitizPower values and respects fundamental human rights. 

We are committed to upholding the principles of respect for human dignity, freedom, and equality across all our business activities, ensuring that the human rights of our stakeholders are safeguarded and potential risks or impacts are addressed.  

Our Principles

1. AboitizPower recognizes the fundamental human rights of its team members.

  • We ensure that our employees work in a dignified, safe, and healthy work environment, and provide the necessary tools and measures to further mitigate our occupational safety and health risks and hazards.
  • We provide job opportunities with reasonable remuneration to support the basic needs of our employees and their families, and set programs that can further enrich their lives.
  • We protect our employee’s freedom of association and right to collective bargaining.
  • We welcome and celebrate diversity in our organization, ensuring inclusivity, equal opportunity, and zero tolerance to any form of discrimination.
  • We do not take part in any form of forced or compulsory labor and child labor, and any abuses that will compromise the rights of our employees.

2. AboitizPower is guided by its commitment to human rights in its engagement with external stakeholders, including its host communities, suppliers, contractors, customers, and other business partners.

  • We constantly dialogue with our stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations, and nurture mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.
  • We respect our communities’ rights to basic needs and support their development to improve the quality of life. 
  • We operate our businesses responsibly to mitigate any potential harmful impacts on our stakeholders’ human rights, environment, and livelihood.
  • We engage service providers who we believe share the same values and are likewise committed  to upholding human rights in their own business operations and value chain.
  • We hold integrity in high regard as it is one of our corporate values, thus, we do not tolerate corruption in all forms, both direct and indirect.
  • We ensure that our products and services do not inflict harm on the customers and communities we serve, but help uplift their lives, instead.
  • We respect our stakeholders’ right to privacy and confidentiality and ensure responsible use of their information and data.

Anti-Sexual Harassment and Safe Space Act

To further strengthen our governance in our commitment to Human Rights, particularly our zero tolerance in any form of abuses that will compromise the rights of our employees, AboitizPower recently released our policy on Anti-Sexual Harassment and Safe Space Act which is pursuant to Section 4, Republic Act No. 7877 (R.A. 7877) entitled “An Act Declaring Sexual Harassment Unlawful in the Employment, Education or Training Environment, and for Other Purposes” and Article IV, Section 17, Republic Act No. 11313 (R.A. 11313) entitled “An Act Defining Gender-Based Sexual Harassment in Streets, Public Spaces, Online, Workplaces, and Educational or Training Institutions, Providing Protective Measures and Prescribing Penalties Therefor” or the “Safe Spaces Act,” this Policy (the “Policy”) governs the prevention of all forms of sexual harassment, the procedure for filing, investigating and resolving sexual harassment complaints, and the proper decorum in the workplaces of the Company. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Guided by our value of integrity, we generate trust and sustain good relationships as we engage in meaningful value creation with our internal and external stakeholders – forging cooperation, partnerships, and common aspirations of a better future.  

Our stakeholder engagement process keeps up with the times by maximizing the many communication avenues available today and sharing the best practices internally. Team members that work in customer and community-facing functions undergo training to fully embody the principles and processes of stakeholder relationship management (SRM) and communication.

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