Davao Light strengthens its control and data system from cyber attacks

May 13, 2022

Davao Light strengthens its control and data system from cyber attacks

AboitizPower subsidiary Davao Light and Power Company upgrades its Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to prevent cyber-attacks and improve operational efficiency, system reliability, and quality of service for the 465,000 customers within its franchise area.

The SCADA system is a collection of both hardware and software elements that allows for a more seamless way of gathering, monitoring, and controlling real-time data and distant electrical devices installed in the power distribution network.

Davao Light can then extract and examine data directly from the field. Without the SCADA system, fixing power outages would take several hours as the team would be required to go onsite for manual assessment.

The distribution utility has continued to innovate and update the SCADA system since its initial installation in 1996. Currently, the team is able to restore 65% of unplanned interruptions in less than five minutes, resulting in a more efficient and reliable way of providing power to customers.

As the energy industry continues to shift with the digital age, Davao Light has also made strides to protect its assets against modern threats like cyber-attacks which can cause electrical blackouts, failure of equipment, and data breaches.

“In the near future, we will be implementing distribution automation, enhanced outage management system, and energy management system. This is to further improve our power system reliability that will be at par with world-class standards,” said Engr. Virmel Dabon, Davao Light System Operations Manager.

Davao Light's ERA Substation Control Center has also been upgraded in 2020 to provide tighter security controls on its components like the SCADA server to ensure long-term dependability and protection as these facilities perform their critical functions.

The company looks forward to a reliable and stable energy future as it continues to enhance its electric power systems.

Davao Light is the third-largest privately-owned electric distribution utility in the country in terms of customer size and annual kWh sales. Davao Light’s franchise area covers Davao City, areas of Panabo City, and the municipalities of Carmen, Dujali, and Santo Tomas in Davao del Norte, with a population of approximately 2.2 million and a total area of 3,561 square kilometers.

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