AboitizPower, Therma Visayas contributes in building a thriving and resilient Toledo City

January 10, 2024

AboitizPower, Therma Visayas contributes in building a thriving and resilient Toledo City
Teacher Mylyn brings joy and fosters learning among the children in the daycare center.

A profound passion, an enduring love, and an unwavering dedication to nurturing young minds epitomize the remarkable characteristics of an exceptional teacher.

Ma. Mylyn Nacario Macapobre, a daycare teacher in Barangay Cabitoonan, Toledo City, has dedicated herself to teaching children ages three to four years old for over 31 years. Radiantly, she shared how the children currently enrolled in her daycare class are the sons and daughters of her former students.

Teacher Mylyn, of all people, knows how teaching is no easy feat as it demands immense compassion, patience, and a deep well of understanding.

Hailing from the vibrant city of San Carlos, Negros Occidental, her family decided to establish roots in the captivating city of Toledo. Following her high school graduation, Mylyn fortuitously got a job as a daycare teacher at 19, serving as her financial lifeline to pursue her academic aspirations.

While working as a daycare teacher, she enrolled in a bachelor’s program in Education with a major in Social Studies at the University of the Visayas in Toledo. Her hard work and focus paid off when she graduated in October 1998.

Resilience amidst tragedy

Recalling the aftermath of Typhoon Ruping in 1990 that wreaked havoc in Cebu, Teacher Mylyn reflected on the resilience of her tiny classroom inside a chapel, which lay in ruins after the devastation.

Despite the destruction, a stroke of resourcefulness struck her. With plenty of coconut trees felled by the typhoon, she and her father repurposed the coconut wood for a new classroom.

Over the years, her dedication bore fruit as she worked tirelessly to transform that makeshift classroom into a comfortable learning space.

A rapid change came in November of 2023 when Therma Visayas, Inc. (TVI), a subsidiary of Aboitiz Power Corporation (AboitizPower), handed over a newly established Community Day Care Center Facility for Barangay Cabitoonan.

“Binirthdayhan gyud nako ang building,” (I consider the building as a birthday present) Teacher Mylyn said with a wink.

The Daycare Center accommodates 75 enrolled children, 42 in the morning session and 33 in the afternoon.

The newly constructed classroom boasts modern amenities, including a new smart TV, air conditioning, electric fans, a restroom, and a playground where children can enjoy their breaks. It provides a comfortable and conducive learning environment for the children.

Health Center

According to Cabitoonan Barangay Captain Gerardo M. Lazarte, their community didn’t have a proper health center in the past. However, thanks to AboitizPower, they now have one they can call their own.

In 2017, AboitizPower formally turned over a new health center to Barangay Cabitoonan.

Loren Mae Camangyan, a Barangay Nutrition Scholar, and Lea Flores, a City Health Worker, recalled the times when the community health center was originally near the barangay hall. They recounted how they needed to set up tents for residents receiving vaccines and other medical care.

With the newly allocated health center building, the comfort of every resident visiting is well-thought-out. Rainwater dripping from the ceiling is something newcomers would no longer have to experience. Health workers are also less disturbed from doing their tasks during rainy days because they now have a more comfortable shelter from the elements.

Further addressing the community’s health needs, during the challenging year of 2020 amidst the pandemic, Barangay Cabitoonan received a brand new ambulance from TVI and AboitizPower, proving to be a significant blessing during those times.

A year later, Typhoon Odette struck Cebu and parts of Visayas and Mindanao. TVI also helped successfully repair the extensive damage suffered by the barangay gym.

AboitizPower and TVI have also implemented a pioneering Continuous Ambient Air Monitoring System or CAAMS. This initiative falls under the Adopt An Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station program initiated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Environmental Management Bureau VII.

CAAMS measures meteorological parameters such as wind speed and direction, temperature, rainfall, radiation, and humidity, all of which influence the behavior of air pollutants. This allows air sampling data to be collected, measured, and evaluated to determine the air quality of the area.

“Daghan kaayo’g salamat TVI ug AboitizPower sa walay pagpuas sa pagtabang diri sa among barangay,” (Thank you very much TVI and AboitizPower for your never ending help in our community) Lazarte said.

This article was written by Glaire Zhealo Colonia for The Freeman.

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