EnerZone engineers undergo basic lineman training

April 10, 2018

EnerZone engineers undergo basic lineman training

EnerZone engineers got a taste of what work was like for linemen during a basic lineman training course (BLTC) earlier this year.

Mactan EnerZone (MEZ) and Balamban EnerZone (BEZ) partnered with the Davao Light and Power Company (DLPC) to conduct the five-day training from January 15 to 19, combining a three-day lecture at the MEZ office in Lapu-Lapu City and two-day field simulation at the CERELI Training Camp in Talamban, Cebu City.

A total of 16 engineers from the EnerZone Group, comprising MEZ, BEZ, Lima EnerZone (LEZ), and Subic EnerZone (SEZ), attended the event.

Doing line works five feet away from hazardous live high-voltage lines, erecting and dressing poles under the scorching heat of the sun, securing the work area, ensuring safety during each work order, and attending to emergency calls are just some of a lineman’s job.


These jobs have never been easy. Thus, the EnerZone Group found it equally important for each engineer, who comes up with the planning and design for or leads each line project, to experience the basics of what linemen do.Among the many topics discussed during the five-day course were:

  • Responsibility of a lineman and being a good groundman
  • Usage of commonly used lineman’s tools and equipment
  • Proper handling and storage
  • Good grounding and jumpering procedures
  • Hole digging
  • Pole erection and guying
  • Pole climbing and dressing
  • Wire stringing and tensioning
  • Work area safety and security
  • Working clearances during live and non-live works
  • Knot tying

The activity may not have been enough for EnerZone engineers to experience the nitty-gritty of a lineman’s job, including the hazards they face every day, but it helped them realize a couple of things.

Moving forward, in every project they design, plan, or lead, they will take into account each personnel’s safety, identify all risks and mitigate hazards,  as well as execute these projects more effectively and efficiently.

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