AboitizPower and PEF: Celebrating Pangarap, our country’s symbol of hope

March 10, 2021

AboitizPower and PEF: Celebrating Pangarap, our country’s symbol of hope
Photo courtesy of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF).

From a year riddled with challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the aptly named Philippine eagle Pangarap, proudly adopted by Aboitiz Power Corporation (AboitizPower), remains a symbol of hope that our country can rise again.

It is AboitizPower’s goal to promote sustainability for its communities, and that includes the care and concern for the flora and fauna native to our local lands. The Philippine eagle is perhaps the biggest representation of the struggles that our wildlife continues to face, but struggles that can also be overcome with the right amount of action taken to drive meaningful change.

Pangarap, one of the last females of her kind, recently celebrated her 22nd hatchday, marking another year of strength and hope for the critically endangered species.In light of her special day, AboitizPower and the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) set out to spread positive energy by hosting a fun and lively celebration via Zoom along with a week-long blast on Facebook, highlighting Pangarap and what she means to our country’s wildlife.


Grade school students and teachers from the Ateneo de Davao University were able to watch and learn more about the exotic bird of prey through games and activities with Malaya, PEF’s beloved mascot.

“To us, Pangarap is a national treasure and a symbol of hope for our country’s unique wildlife, and I want to give a big thank you to the Philippine Eagle Foundation for taking such good care of her over the years, even with all the challenges brought about by the pandemic,” shared AboitizPower President and CEO Emmanuel V. Rubio in a special hatchday message for Pangarap.


“We at AboitizPower are happy to be a partner in her upbringing. As we aim to spread positive energy all over the country and in all aspects of life, we look to drive towards our goal of sustainability and foster a healthy environment for generations to come,” Rubio added.11 years since she was first adopted, Pangarap remains in good health under the care of AboitizPower and the PEF. She is one of the few eagles who is still eligible to reproduce and regrow her species’ population.

Dennis Salvador, Executive Director of the PEF, thanked the company for their continued support to save the Philippine eagle: “Our partnership with Aboitiz Power Corporation does not only sustain Pangarap but also our initiative to breed the species in captivity. Pangarap symbolizes our dream to one day produce enough suitably reared Philippine eagles to repopulate the wild. This dream can only be realized with the generosity and support of our partners like AboitizPower. Beyond providing for Pangarap’s annual needs, AboitizPower's sponsorship of her hatchday celebrations is also invaluable in inspiring care for the eagle among the youth. We are grateful for the company’s growing support to save our national bird.”

AboitizPower stays committed to serving its host communities and spreading positive energy throughout the environment and its wildlife, proudly supporting the PEF and Pangarap in their mission to grow the Philippine eagle population. Pangarap is currently housed at the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos, Davao City.

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