Davao Light energizes its fully digital substation, creates a stronger network security

January 13, 2022

Davao Light energizes its fully digital substation, creates a stronger network security

AboitizPower subsidiary Davao Light and Power Co., Inc. (Davao Light) continues to future-proof its distribution network by energizing its first fully digital substation located in the downtown area of Davao City on December 8, 2021.

The P. Reyes Substation uses software-defined networks (SDN), a type of communication network that is more secure against cyber threats than traditional ethernet networks. Davao Light and fellow AboitizPower subsidiary Visayan Electric Company, Inc. developed this system in-house using commercially available technologies and are the first to use SDN in the country. 

Davao Light Assistant Vice President for Engineering Engr. Enriczar Tia said that the digitalization of substations boosts their efficiency and reliability. "The substation is now easier to monitor and faster to troubleshoot when problems are found. This helps reduce the frequency and duration of power interruptions and thus, is advantageous during this time when people are almost always at home for work and school."

Building a fully-digital substation focuses on converting analog values to digital values so they can be easily shared between devices in a substation. With this, there are unlimited ways to configure a substation to improve its performance, reliability, and monitoring, thereby improving overall service quality for the community. 

"The difference between a conventional and a digital substation is like using a CRT TV where you can watch limited channels only, and now having a smart TV where you have unlimited choices of shows to watch," Tia added.

Aside from the digitalization of P. Reyes Substation, Davao Light also upgraded its capacity to 50MVA, ensuring an adequate supply of reliable power for a considerable number of customers in the city's downtown area, where many development projects are happening.  

These initiatives are a part of AboitizPowers' efforts to adapt and innovate in the digital age. Through its digital transformation program, DigitaLeap, AboitizPower advances its vision to deliver world-class products and services to its stakeholders by ensuring that all its facilities operate at their maximum potential. 

Davao Light looks forward to digitalizing other existing substations and building new digital and smarter facilities to provide stable and reliable power to the customers it serves.

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