Cheap oil prices; A 'happy gift' but what's in the whole package

February 24, 2016

Energy expert and Pulitzer winning author Dr. Daniel Yergin (in the middle) was keynote speaker at a recent Energy Forum on “The Quest for Energy Security” hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines. He was joined in the panel by (from left to right): Ray Cunningham; Luis Miguel Aboitiz (PIPPA and Aboitiz Power); Jose Victor Emmanuel De Dios (GE Philippines); Ed Chua (Shell Philippines); Former Energy Secretary Vincent S. Perez; Alan Ortiz (San Miguel Global Power); Pete Maniego (National Renewable Energy Board); J. Anthony Becker (GN Power); Bernaud Stuckart (Siemens AG); and Frank Thiel (Quezon Power Phils Ltd Co.

). Photo Courtesy of Amcham-Philippines.