Therma South's Commercial Operations Delayed

June 18, 2015

The Mindanao-wide blackout that occurred last April 5, 2015, disrupted the commissioning schedule of Unit 2 of Therma South Inc.

’s (TSI) coal- fired power plant in Davao City.

Initial findings show that the disruption unfortunately caused damage to the auxiliary components to the boiler of Unit 2. Affected areas and components include the air-preheater as well as the electrostatic precipitator, which is part of the power plant’s pollution control system.

TSI is currently conducting a more detailed assessment of the extent of the repairs needed and a full review to determine all contributing factors that led to the plant incident to ensure appropriate measures are taken.

The property damage will delay the commercial operations of Unit 2 by approximately 10 months or until February 2016. Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the power plant have yet to be turned over to the Company by its contractors.

TSI president and COO, Mr. Benjie Cariaso Jr. assured the public that the status of Unit 2 will not affect the commissioning of Unit 1, which remains on schedule and should reach commercial operation by the end of June 2015.

The Company is working with its contractors and suppliers to make the necessary repairs to resume the commissioning of Unit 2. The repairs will be made as expeditiously as possible to shorten the time before both units operate commercially and start providing power to Mindanao.

“We will update all stakeholders of further developments. We remain committed to do everything we can to support Mindanao with its power needs” Mr. Cariaso added.