Davao Light competes in the AboitizPower-wide first-aid and safety skills competition

November 17, 2015

The Davao Light and Power Co. has once again competed in the AboitizPower-wide Safety SkillsCompetition, which kicked off last September 18, 2015 at the Ladislawa Garden Village, Davao City.

This annual event was participated in by three other companies, which are in the generation businessunder the AboitizPower, namely the Therma South Inc. (TSI); Therma Marine Inc. (TMI), and HEDCOR Sibulan and Davao.

The aim of this event is not only to hone the first-aid and safety skills amongst team members at work but also to promote camaraderie among the AboitizPower companies in Mindanao through a healthycompetition.

“Safety is everybody's top priority especially with us companies who are in the power business. This gathering is just one of the many where our employees are taught of the right attitude and the proper skills in dealing with safety. This is also our way to strengthen relationships with our sister companies.

” said Engr. Edelito Fernandez, Davao Light's Occupational Safety, Security, Health and Environment Department Manager.

Moreover, the teams competed in various events which include Quiz Bee, Amazing Race and Fire- fighting. Davao Light bested the other teams in Splinting (Managing bone-related injuries) and in Emergency Transfer.

Meanwhile, HEDCOR Engineering and Construction Department and the Therma South Inc. (TSI) tied in the 1st spot and Davao Light placed second in the overall ranking.

 The Davao Light team also entertained the crowd with its energetic cheer routine which outstood all other teams.


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