Hedcor supports studies in their K-12 journey

November 02, 2015

Run-of-river hydro developer, Hedcor, turned over a refurbished one-storey two classroom carpentry and furniture making shop complete with brand new tools to Sablan National High School in Barangay Kamog on June 4.

Mayor Arthur Baldo together with local government officials, Dep-Ed Benguet Divison Superintendent Dr. Federico Martin and the school administration received the donations gladly.

Senior Vice President Chris Faelnar headed the Hedcor team during the turnover and addressed the students, “This is an opportunity for you dear students to uplift your knowledge, build your skills and discover your talents.

”The refurbishment and purchase of tools cost P730,000.

“Before the refurbishment, the building was not fully utilized. We only used one classroom while the other served as our warehouse,” narrates Benjamin Bio-al SNSH Principal.

The project is in support of Dep-Ed’s K-12 curriculum mandating an additional two years of senior high school studies which focuses on skills enhancement and training. The carpentry and furniture shop provides a haven for learning essential skills and discovering latent talents not to mention giving a leg-up for the students in identifying livelihood opportunities.

“The rooms are very comfortable and would help our students learn more efficiently.

 Compared to the old building that had no ceiling and only had wooden windows and doors, the security has greatly improved with the introduction of steel windows and doors,” added Bernard Abad, Teacher in Carpentry.

Grade seven to grade ten students will be using the facility four times a week.

 According to Dep-Ed, technical vocational livelihood education is one of the subjects for senior high students that provide enriched general education that prepares graduates for higher education, world of work and lifelong learning.

The event included the awarding of financial assistance to the top 2 students per year level starting Grade 8. The financial assistance is part of Hedcor’s education program that aims to inspire students to do their best and help parents with their financials.

The Municipality of Sablan is host to Hedcor’s 8MW Ampohaw Plant which was built early 1990’s. The municipality engages mainly in agriculture of exquisite fruits and indigenous raw products such as bamboos, tiger grass, and giant grass.

Hedcor caters to the needs of its host community as a professed partner of development. Its corporate social responsibility projects which help communities develop center on education, enterprise development and environment.