APRI celebrates 13 years of service in the Philippine power industry

July 14, 2022

APRI celebrates 13 years of service in the Philippine power industry
APRIBersaya: Kaisa’t Katuwang ka sa Pagbabago. APRI’s anniversary theme reflects the “work hard, play harder” mindset of its employees. APRI President and COO Jeffrey Estrella (lower right) delivers his congratulatory message recognizing the value and contribution of each employee as the organization reached another significant milestone.

AP Renewables, Inc. (APRI) Makiling-Banahaw (MakBan) and Tiwi, one of the Philippines’ largest baseload renewable power plants, recently celebrated its 13th anniversary. Almost 300 employees from Laguna and Batangas joined the hybrid event with the theme “13th APRIBersaya: Kaisa’t Katuwang ka sa Pagbabago”.

APRI has been providing 290-MW combined net capacities of Tiwi and MakBan geothermal facilities through its reliable, reasonable, and responsible operations. Aside from generating zero-emissions indigenous power, it also delivered the Aboitiz group’s promise of Advancing Business and Communities through various community projects focusing on education, health, micro-finance, and environment.

“Since we took over the commercial operations of APRI in 2009, we made sure that we improved our strategy on preventive maintenance of our equipment. Our high-performing team has also proven its resilience to face the challenges brought by the different situations. You all worked hard together to produce innovative projects such as the Rehabilitation of the MakBan Binary Plant, the upgrading of the Cooling Towers in Tiwi or what we also known as “Project Stronghold”, the drilling projects with our steam supplier partner, and among others,” said APRI President and COO Jeffrey Estrella.

Project Stronghold aims to strengthen the structure of the old cooling towers. With its original design strength to withstand a maximum of 200 km/hr winds, through this project, the new cooling towers can now withstand strong winds with a speed of 320 km/hr. This can ensure that power generation is expected to have increased reliability and availability despite strong typhoons.

Estrella also recognized the hardwork and dedication of APRI employees as they are gearing up for a new business landscape ahead.

“This is a testament of our purpose of driving change for a better world. With the kind of momentum that we have in APRI, I am very much excited to experience this journey with you in achieving the “Great Transformation” for our organization,” he added.

With this year’s theme, APRI’s celebration highlighted the team’s camaraderie and teamwork in helping achieve their collective goal of a cleaner energy future.

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