No PETs allowed at AboitizPower hydro unit

May 07, 2019

No PETs allowed at AboitizPower hydro unit

Living up to its reputation as a pioneering company in the renewable energy sector, Hedcor continues to raise the bar on the sustainable production of electricity.

Hedcor is the first AboitizPower business unit to launch a campaign that prohibits the use of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles across all its offices and facilities nationwide, as well as during company activities. Employees were given free tumblers to encourage them to support the said campaign.

"The Hedcor team believes that we are stewards of the environment and the well-being of future generations, and that this responsibility does end at our renewable energy production lines. Our effort to eliminate PET bottles from our work life is a commitment to extending this role as stewards to all facets of our lives in the office and, hopefully, to our lives outside of the office as well," Carlos Aboitiz, Hedcor President and COO, said.

The success of the “No PETs Allowed” effort has driven Hedcor’s Environmental Management team to push the campaign further, adopting the “Break Up with Single-use Plastics” initiative, which is now gaining support globally. Anchored in the message “if you can’t reuse it, refuse it,” the campaign aims to minimize and eventually eliminate the use and purchase of single-use plastics within the company.

“Prohibiting the use of PET bottles is just our first step to materialize our campaign. Among others, we also encourage each team member to switch to eco-bags, bring reusable lunch bags and containers, and to patronize package-free products," Darlene Arguelles, Hedcor Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Vice President, said.

Hedcor has been actively involved in environmental and sustainability initiatives in line with its promise of delivering power reliably, responsibly, and at a reasonable cost. As a renewable energy company, Hedcor is driven to take care of the environment while doing business.

As of 2018, Hedcor has planted more than 2.8 million  seedlings through its tree planting activities. Another notable initiative is Hedcor’s Eco-market Day, wherein employees visit far-flung barangays in its host localities to encourage residents to follow proper waste management and, at the same time, earn income from selling recyclable materials.

Hedcor is a wholly owned subsidiary of AboitizPower that operates 21 run-of-river hydropower facilities across the country with a total installed capacity of 258 MW.

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