Davao Light rescues pawikan, discovers nest anew

November 06, 2017

Davao Light rescues pawikan, discovers nest anew

Late night of October 17, the Cleanergy Park roving team spotted a huge female Hawksbill Sea Turtle after following its tracks on the shore. It was immediately reported to Davao Light and Power Co., Inc.’s Community Relations Manager Fermin Edillon. The team observed the Pawikan from afar hoping to catch it in action and document an actual laying of eggs.


However, it was already past midnight but the turtle did not move from its position. This prompted the team to move closer and discovered that it was trapped on a tree branch. Edillon’s team helped the Pawikan to get loose until it was totally freed and was able to get back to the water.

The shore was further surveyed the next morning that led to the discovery of the 10th nest for the year in the Cleanergy Park. It was concluded that the rescued pawikan laid eggs before it was trapped. The mother pawikan is expected to be back to lay more eggs in the park.

Three remaining nests are expected to hatch starting the end of the month. To date, 785 hatchlings were already released in the park from the first 5 nests found in 2017.

More baby pawikans will be released until the end of the year.

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