AboitizPower boosts food and sanitation supplies in partner hospitals in Luzon and Visayas

May 29, 2020

AboitizPower boosts food and sanitation supplies in partner hospitals in Luzon and Visayas

AboitizPower continues to boost its support to doctors, nurses, and hospital staff on the front lines to help energize and uplift their spirits for what seems to be an endlessly uncertain path to achieving full COVID-19 recoveries.

Following the turnover of 20,000 surgical masks in partner hospitals around Luzon and Visayas, AboitizPower’s Commercial Operations Business Unit delivered assorted grocery items to nourish hospital staff from Perpetual Help Hospital in Las Piñas and Biñan including Mary Mediatrix Medical Center in Batangas.

On top of these food supplies, around 60 gallons of Isopropyl alcohol were also distributed to help replenish the sanitation supplies needed to protect the front liners

As businesses slowly work towards rebooting their services, hospitals such as Perpetual Help Biñan have likewise resumed some of their diagnostic and laboratory services to continue catering to the health needs of their community and to ensure an effective infection control system is in place.

These supplies are invaluable in augmenting resources needed to empower front liners and support hospital staff in managing outpatient services and keeping operations afloat.

On behalf of their respective institutions, Dr. Robert Magsino, president of Mary Mediatrix Medical Center, and Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Gen. Archie Gamboa, representing the PNP General Hospital, both expressed their gratitude for the continued relief initiatives extended to their medical teams.

“The surgical masks donated previously to PNPGH have certainly been helpful to the hospital staff.  These new supplies are truly welcome, and will definitely aid the team even more in the exercise of their duties to the patients,” Gamboa said.

In the Visayas, AboitizPower partnered with Pilmico Foods Corporation to distribute bread packs that were sourced from local bakeries near hospitals around Cebu and Bacolod.

Juan Alejandro Aboitiz, AboitizPower’s First Vice President for Commercial Operations, stressed the importance of leveraging synergies within the Aboitiz group to alleviate the economic and social effects of the pandemic.

“We continue to seek ways where AboitizPower can be part of a larger network of service by helping small businesses thrive in an unusual time like this,” Aboitiz said.

Perpetual Succour Hospital, Chong Hua Hospital in Fuente and Mandaue, and Riverside Medical Center in Bacolod each received 1000 packs of bread.  Pilmico has since been conducting a bread donation drive, tapping local bakeries to encourage production and sustain livelihood within communities.

As the country continues to face the challenges brought about by this global health crisis, AboitizPower remains committed to prioritizing the needs of its business partners and the communities they serve.

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