Power utility’s proactive operations for safe and reliable electricity

July 14, 2022

Power utility’s proactive operations for safe and reliable electricity

To deliver safer and more reliable electricity 24/7, Davao Light and Power Co. Inc. proactively sends line clearing teams across its franchise areas, including those in far-flung communities.

Most of the unscheduled power interruptions are caused by vegetation in spite of the fact that Republic Act 11361 or the “Anti-obstruction of Power Lines Act" under Article 6, prohibits planting of tall growing plants near or under power lines. Trees touching the power lines cause power outages and pose safety risk to the community.

As a commitment to its customers, line clearing teams are deployed to trim or cut trees that are near the power lines, even in far-flung areas such as Tampakan, Paquibato District which is located more than 29kms from the city proper.

Despite the many challenges faced by clearing teams in the outskirts like rough roads, spending the night at an unfamiliar place, and the battle against changing weather conditions, the men were still able to cover a total of 30 kilometers of line clearing works in Tampakan.

One of the men who responded to the call for work, Jemuel Castillon said, "The job is quite tough but it is rewarding to know that the people in the area appreciate our work and understand its importance which is to keep a continuous supply of power in their community."

Customers can report to Davao Light hotline numbers 229-3572 trees or vegetation that are obstructing the power lines and can request to cut or trim them for free.

“The main reason why we’re doing this is first, for safety. Second, for the reliability of our power lines, so that our customers are connected 24/7. Third, is to not let our customers experience inconveniences caused by power outages,” Orville Lazaro, the Assistant Vice President for Engineering Operations of Davao Light, said.

Davao Light will continue to protect its lines against power line obstructions and furthermore asks the public to report any incident or situation such as planting of tall trees, installation of billboard tarpaulins, and all other activities that will possibly lead to obstruction or pose hazards to power lines and the community.

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