TPVI Scholarship: A Story of Opportunities

July 25, 2023

TPVI Scholarship: A Story of Opportunities
James Languido aspires to be an electrical engineer so he can help his family break their cycle of hardship.

Lack of financial resources is among the primary reasons why some parents are unable to support and send their children to school. But with hard work and perseverance, one’s course in life might change.

Fueled by sheer will and determination, James Languido, the youngest of five siblings, is a testament to this.

A former Naga National High School STEM student and Therma Power-Visayas Incorporated (TPVI) scholar, James is currently enrolled in his second year of Electrical Engineering at Cebu Technological University-Main Campus.

Born in Naga City, Cebu, James was raised solely by his mother, after his father passed on when he was still in Grade 7, with the mere income she made from selling ice candy.

James’ mother, Merla, once told him that she could no longer send him to school due to the lack of a stable source of income.

As a consistent achiever in elementary and being his batch’s valedictorian in junior highschool the hardships his mother endured in supporting his education and the family’s daily needs was not lost to James. As such, he sought ways to unburden his family and applied for a scholarship program being offered by TPVI, which was eventually granted to him to help him finish senior high school.


A consistent honor student, James made sure he did well in school to repay all the hard work his mother endured for their family. This also paved the way for him in getting a scholarship.

"It is indeed beneficial and a blessing to us, especially to me. During my senior highschool years, the scholarship helped me a lot in financing my studies,school projects, and transportation without costing our family’s income," James said.

A subsidiary of Aboitiz Power Corporation (AboitizPower), TPVI began operations in Naga City in 2019. Among their hallmark educational projects was a scholarship program that provided financial assistance to deserving senior high school students.

As the city's largest high school, Naga National High School was a beneficiary of the program with 30 scholars selected by the school's committee.

James shared that he and his classmates grabbed the opportunity to apply for the scholarship to avail themselves of the financial assistance it provided.

The scholarship came at a critical moment for him and all the students, especially when schools shifted to modular and online learning due to the pandemic.

The sudden transition to virtual classes posed a challenge for James, then an incoming senior high student.

He did not have the gadgets to use for his online classes, which already placed him at a disadvantage. Thankfully, the financial assistance provided by the TPVI scholarship allowed him to purchase a smartphone to connect him to his classes and accomplish his academic requirements.

"During my senior high school, the pandemic happened, which was difficult as I was used to face-to-face classes. But we had to adapt. With the help of TPVI, the smartphone I bought with their financial assistance helped me a lot and I did better during that time," James said.

Now that he is in college, James remains a scholar with the help of his hometown's local government unit.



With the smartphone he bought using the financial assistance from TPVI, James was able to adapt to the modular and online classes that began during the pandemic. At present, he uses the same smartphone to do his university work.

James advised his fellow students and all aspiring individuals to “work hard, especially in our studies, and keep going for a brighter future.”

With enough perseverance and drive to finish his studies, James is on his way to prove that poverty is not insurmountable. Rather, it can be used as motivation to achieve one’s aspirations. He dedicates his hard work to his family, particularly his mother, and is an inspiration to his fellow scholars.


Two AboitizPower engineers at work at the diesel-powered TPVI plant in Naga City, Cebu, which helps ensure stable access to ancillary services in the Visayas grid. TPVI is recognized as a responsible neighbor by providing support to their host community.

TPVI, together with AboitizPower, is beyond providing the community with energy solutions. They also assist students in pursuing their careers via scholarships, as this is part of their advocacy of helping the marginalized. As a partner in nation-building, AboitizPower supports beneficial social change, not just through educational scholarships, but also through corporate social responsibility, cooperative aid programs, and environmental campaigns. It is inspired by the belief that a better future is only possible by working together with stakeholders to co-create sustainable and empowered communities.

This article by Glaire Calonia first appeared on the Freeman.

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