Sta. Cruz holds 1st Panagdayag Festival; two AboitizPower units support

January 29, 2020

Sta. Cruz holds 1st Panagdayag Festival; two AboitizPower units support

Initiated by Municipal Mayor Jaime Lao, Sta. Cruz celebrated its first Panagdayag Festival inspired by the Sinulog Festival in Cebu. Both festivals are commemorated in honor of the patron Santo Niño.

The festival’s namesake, Panagdayag, is derived from the Bisaya word “dayag”, meaning expression. According to tourism officer Julius Paner, this festival serves as an expression of both celebration and gratitude to the blessings brought about by the Santo Niño to the municipality.

Aside from celebration, Panagdayag became an avenue to generate income among its locals as they marketed local products, promoting sustainable local economic development in Sta. Cruz.

Hedcor, having been operating its hydropower facilities in the municipality over the past decade, has always been thankful to find a partner in the community of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. Likewise, Therma South, Inc. has been providing development to the area for over 5 years now, as the municipality serves as a host community for their power plant. These two Business Units of Aboitiz Power Corporation took part in the festivities, showcasing their iteration of a colorful floral float.

Hedcor and Therma South’s participation is a panagdayag of thankfulness to the community that continues to house and safekeep their facilities.

Hedcor has been harnessing hydropower from the Sibulan river in Sta. Cruz. Through this, Hedcor is able to generate 57.4 MW of Cleanergy, while Therma South generates 300 MW through its coal-fired power plant at the border of the municipality, supplying electricity to households and commercial establishments across Mindanao.

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