Hedcor’s “lucky 13” find hope in scholarship

October 08, 2019

Hedcor’s “lucky 13” find hope in scholarship

Many cultures consider 13 to be an “unlucky” number, the why of which could never be traced to a single origin.

But for Hedcor’s 13 scholars in Luzon and the new chapter set to unfold in their lives, there seems nothing unlucky about the number at all.

Hedcor recently granted P5.5 million worth of college scholarships to these students, covering their tuition and miscellaneous fees, books, uniforms, and transportation allowances in the next four years.

Of the 13, six are from Ilocos Sur, five are from Benguet, while two are from Mt. Province, all of whom come from the communities hosting Hedcor’s hydropower facilities.

Rizabelle D. Dapwayen, who hails from Bakun in the highland province of Benguet, has always dreamt of becoming an educator. She plans on someday becoming a teacher who dedicates her time and skills to improve the quality of education in schools in her locality, the community of Kayapa.

Yet, living off of farming, Rizabelle’s big family of seven struggles to make ends meet. Pursuing a college education may even sound like a luxury. But with the help of Hedcor, she will no longer have to worry over her college expenses after qualifying for Hedcor’s scholarship program.

“I am really grateful for the scholarship, especially because I am the eldest daughter. After I finish my studies, I am going to help my family, especially my siblings so that they can finish their studies as well,” Rizabelle shared.


The students officially signed the scholarship agreement with Hedcor earlier this year.

Hedcor Corporate Social Responsibility Supervisor Romeo Catingub emphasized the importance of education among the youth, saying that the world is changing at a rapid pace and that higher education gives kids a competitive edge in the career market as well as increases one’s understanding of the world.

“We want them to be aware of what they are actually capable of, so they can improve their lives as well as contribute to their families and communities,” he added.

Hedcor, a run-of-river hydropower arm of AboitizPower, operates 22 plants across the country, 11 of which are in Luzon. Hedcor currently has a total installed capacity of 227.36 MW of clean and renewable energy.

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