BESTBus drives Aboitiz Group to the top at the LCF Guild Awards 2022

July 14, 2022

BESTBus drives Aboitiz Group to the top at the LCF Guild Awards 2022

Aboitiz Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the Aboitiz Group, was recognized at the League of Corporate Foundation (LCF) Guild Awards 2022 for its BEST Bus Project (Business for Environmentally Sustainable Transportation). The BEST Bus was awarded as the Most Outstanding CSR Project in the Environment category among other initiatives which aim to address environmental issues surrounding climate change and environmental conservation in the present time.

The LCF Guild Awards was the highlight of the League of Corporate Foundations Expo that ran for four days. It was an event where a network of the largest operating and grant-making organizations practicing CSR in the Philippines gathered. In its program, keynote speakers and representatives from prestigious foundations share the highlights of their socially relevant activities, including profitable innovations that advocate better livelihood and well-being for people.

Considering the vast number of CSR projects initiated by various conglomerates, the League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) awarded the best and most beneficial projects at the conclusion of the four-day event. The Aboitiz Group won an award for the BESTBus project implemented in late 2020. The awards given by LCF were categorized into specific aspects that corporate social responsibility addresses.

In partnership with the city government of Davao, the Aboitiz Group with AboitizPower unit Davao Light and Power Company (Davao Light), GET Philippines, and QEV Technologies in Spain launched the BEST Bus project ー the first fully electric, free-ride shuttle service in Mindanao, making Davao among the first pilot cities in the country.

The project makes use of environmentally sustainable electric-charged mini buses across the country to aid in promoting green practices and improving mass transit in central business districts. The buses used for the project are powered by lithium-ion batteries and are able to travel up to 100km before running out of charge. During the first year of implementation, the BESTBus has shuttled over 166,000 passengers and completed at least 14,000 trips, helping Filipinos in their daily struggle of commuting. On average, each bus renders 14 hours of service a day to transport as many people as possible.

Starting from Davao City in Mindanao and replicated by the Manila local government, the project encourages the riding public to choose sustainable options in their lifestyle, as this sector largely contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. The 100 percent electric bus is not only eco-friendly but also comfortable for people with disabilities (PWDs), senior citizens, and pregnant women.


Aboitiz’s BESTBus hits two birds with one stone, as it addresses the concerns of both transportation and climate change. Moreover, serving as a stepping stone for a large-scale change, the project is easily replicated in different cities, making it an accessible solution that meets social needs of ordinary people.

During the awarding of BESTBus in the LCF Guild Awards 2022, Aboitiz Foundation President and COO Maribeth Marasigan reminisced about the vision and roots of this project that generated great positive impact. She said, “The BEST Bus project is an Aboitiz way of promoting sustainable cities that are safe and environment friendly. In pioneering the concept of a safe, sustainable, and convenient transport experience, the Aboitiz Group hopes to inspire a movement across the country”.

With the envisioned goal of sustainable and resilient communities, Aboitiz Foundation through its BESTBus pursues change in climate action. Turning the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 into a reality is a step further towards improving the lives of people wherever they may be - and wherever they need to be.

As the BESTBus drives further to be in the service of Filipino commuters, the Aboitiz Group continues to create more innovative projects, living out the goal of climate action.

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