14 students granted TSI Scholarship

September 19, 2016

Therma South Inc. (TSI), a subsidiary of AboitizPower (AP), has chosen 14 engineering college students to become recipients of the TSI College Scholarship Program for School Year 2016-2017.

The scholars, some of whom were represented by their parents, signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with TSI and with the scholarship program’s partner school, the University of Southeastern of Philippines (USEP) last August 12, 2016.

“The TSI College Scholarship Program aims to give assistance to deserving college students in their academic journey. Each scholar is given a financial assistance per semester and covers their tuition fee and other school-related expenses.

”, said Jason C. Magnaye, TSI Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager, during the MOA signing ceremonies.

This school year’s scholars are: Katherine Ann Franco (2nd yr.

, Electrical Engineering (EE)), Jomar T. Turtoga (2nd yr.

, EE), Nikka Samantha A. Basan (3rd yr.

, EE), Royce A. Romero (3rd yr.

, Mechanical Engineering (ME)), John Nerie L. Payao (3rd yr.

, ME), Joshua Enrique I. Ching (3rd yr.

, EE), Marjun L. Marzon (3rd yr.

, EE), Jude C. Pineda (3rd yr.

, EE), Vince Jane S. Olaer (4th yr.

, EE), Renen Faith S. Gloria (4th yr.

, EE), King Joshua A. Manatad (4th yr.

, EE), Jon Kristoffer L. Tagalog (4th yr.

, EE), Aldrian D. Gumapac (4th yr.

, EE), and Oliver S. Montero (4th yr.

, EE).

“The scholarship award is a clear indication that the company recognizes your talents to pursue successfully your college degree. It is not very often that one is given the opportunity to go through college with full financial support. Therefore I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to excel in your studies,” said Manuel M. Orig, AboitizPower First Vice President for Mindanao Affairs.

He pointed out the scholarship program is a among the social and community programs being implemented by the Aboitiz Group every year.

“The scholarship programs or education gets the biggest budget in our CSR programs. The reason for that is because Aboitiz believes educations is the key to uplifting the lives of our people and the well being of our communities. Education is essential to nation building,” Orig said.

Now on its 2nd year, TSI’s scholarship program is purposive in nature which means that scholars will be given priority for employment in TSI or in any Aboitiz company upon their passing the engineering board exams.

“In behalf of the scholars, we are very grateful from the bottom of our hearts that you have chosen us to be your scholars and for giving us the opportunity to achieve our dreams to become the engineers for the 21st century,” said Basan, a 3rd year Electrical Engineering scholar.

For her part, Tamsi Jasmin D. Gervacio, USEP Director for the Office of Student Services, urged the scholars to study hard and do their best to help their parents in every way they can.

“Kung ano man ang naibibigay sa inyo.



you need to cherish it. Ang future ninyo sa inyo yan (Whatever is given to you, you need to cherish it. Your future is yours,),” she said.

Meanwhile, TSI Plant Manager Engr. Valentin S. Saludes III encouraged parents to also do their very best to guide their children as the go on their journey to become engineers.

“Parents please guide your child. There are a lot of temptations around your kids that can derail their progress. On the other hand, scholars listen to the advice of your parents, they know what is best for you and they have gone through what you are going through right now,” he said.

Saludes also encouraged the scholars to do their best to complete their studies and finish as top notchers in the engineering board exams.

“The key to a better life and a better future is really education. The best part of education is it is something that nobody can take away from you,” Orig said.


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