Nestlé PH reaffirms use of clean energy in partnership with AboitizPower

May 30, 2022

Nestlé PH reaffirms use of clean energy in partnership with AboitizPower

With the goal of reducing its carbon footprint and achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions, Nestlé Philippines reaffirms its commitment to use clean and renewable energy as it renews its partnership with AboitizPower for a Cleanergy supply.

The partnership enables Nestlé PH to use clean and renewable energy for six of its facilities, sourced from the Tiwi and MakBan Geothermal Power Plants, operated and managed by AP Renewables, Inc. (APRI), an AboitizPower subsidiary. AboitizPower, together with its partners, is the Philippines' largest owner and operator of renewable energy based on installed capacity.

The partnership between Nestlé PH and AboitizPower began in 2013, when the former started its energy transition. Currently, AboitizPower supplies Cleanergy to all of Nestlé's factories in Luzon as well as its local head office in Makati City.

Globally, Nestlé as the world's largest food and beverage corporation aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and reduce in half by 2030. In order to achieve this, Nestlé will, among other measures, transition to 100 percent clean and renewable electricity across its 800 global sites by 2025. In 2021, the Nestlé group had already attained 63.7 percent clean and renewable energy sourcing.

Nestlé PH and AboitizPower share the vision of preserving the planet without compromising the quality of their products and services.

Nestlé PH Chairman and CEO Kais Marzouki said, "Our transition to 100 percent clean and renewable electricity in the country is a high priority. We are confident that we are on the right track towards achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions. We thank AboitizPower for being our partner and a reliable source of Cleanergy."

"We work constantly to deliver the quality of energy that will help power the needs of our partners and see their vision of environmental conservation becoming a reality. We are happy to support Nestlé Philippines as it pursues sustainable practices and maximizes the use of renewable energy to create a healthier future for the planet," said Sandro Aboitiz, Senior Vice President of AboitizPower's Commercial Operations Business Unit.

AboitizPower's commitment to provide the best products and services includes beefing up its portfolio of renewable energy. "We thank Nestlé for continuing to partner with us in sparking positive change in the world. Our geothermal fleet is geared to serve Nestlé's energy requirements. As a supplier, we are honored to join the company's journey in transforming its supply chain, lowering its carbon footprint, and implementing its net zero roadmap," APRI President and COO Jeffrey Estrella shared.

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