AboitizPower, NEECO II Area 1 celebrate renewed Cleanergy pact

January 22, 2021

AboitizPower, NEECO II Area 1 celebrate renewed Cleanergy pact
RESILIENT PARTNERSHIP. Despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, AboitizPower and its partner cooperative NEECO II Area 1 continue to make sure ample, reliable, and sustainable energy reaches the homes and businesses of its customers in the province of Nueva Ecija.

Adding to a list of its year-end holiday celebrations, AboitizPower through its subsidiary, AP Renewables Inc. (APRI), sealed its partnership with Nueva Ecija II Electric Cooperative Area 1 (NEECO II Area 1) for another five years starting December 2020. APRI is set to deliver 41 MW of Cleanergy to the 10 municipalities within the NEECO II Area 1 franchise area.

In a ceremonial signing held at their Talavera head office, NEECO II Area 1 Board President Reynaldo Villanueva welcomed members of the technical working group, as well as The Bids and Awards Committee (TPBAC) who spearheaded the Competitive Selection Process (CSP).

“This partnership with AboitizPower is definitely part of a continuing commitment to power the needs of the residents and businesses of the municipalities we serve while minimizing our carbon footprint. It’s been a tough nine months for the NEECO II Area 1 group, but with the strong support from all groups within the organization, we are on-track once again towards fulfilling our unwavering service to the people,” Villanueva said.

As early as March last year, the bidding process for NEECO II Area 1’s energy requirement had already begun, where four energy suppliers participated and APRI emerged as the chosen power provider.

As in many aspects impacted by the pandemic, conducting a CSP during the months on lockdown was no easy feat. As pointed out by APRI President and Chief Operating Officer Dennis B. Jordan, “This is one of the hurdles that both teams had to overcome, but in the end, the results proved to be as rewarding as the journey itself.”“It must not have been an easy task to continue the selection in the context of a pandemic and the recent calamities, but the support of NEECO II Area 1 as well as TPBAC’s full cooperation have truly been instrumental in carrying out a fair and streamlined process,” Jordan added.

In a virtual meeting room attended by other AboitizPower executives, First Vice President for Commercial Operations Juan Alejandro Aboitiz likewise expressed his gratitude for having been chosen to support the Cleanergy needs of NEECO II Area 1, “On behalf of AboitizPower, we are extremely honored to continue this journey and stand once again alongside NEECO II Area 1 in its pursuit of reliable and clean energy for households, businesses, and the communities in its franchise area. This is such an energizing way to end the year, and truly a moment to be proud of as we accelerate our group-wide efforts towards integrating environmental stewardship plus pursuing partnerships for long-term growth.”

AboitizPower is one with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in promoting competitive and fair energy procurement processes. The company has participated in various CSPs throughout the year in a move to support these industry programs and uphold transparency among generation companies.

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