IPs of La Trinidad okay Hedcor hydro project

February 08, 2017

IPs of La Trinidad okay Hedcor hydro project
Chris Faelnar thanks the IP community during the MOA signing for the Bineng Combined Project. The project will bring benefits to the IP community.

The Indigenous People of La Trinidad Organization (LTIPO) inks a partnership with Hedcor, Inc. for the development of the 19-megawatts Bineng Combined Hydropower Project.

“We are happy that the IPs of La Trinidad see the benefit of our project. Hedcor will continue to partner with the communities to make a better community, “said Chris Faelnar Hedcor Hedcor Senior Vice President.

Last January 25, LTPO formally approved the project with the signing of the memorandum of agreement. The MOA will give rise to various benefits to the IP organization for letting Hedcor operate in their domain.

LTIPO is allotted one centavo per kilowatt royalty share from the generation of the hydropower plant. With the projected energy output, about 600,000 pesos will be remitted to LTPO annually out of the generation of the hydropower plant and about 800,000 for their development fund.

The long-awaited IP multi-purpose building will also be erected by virtue of this agreement. A view deck where one can view the project and nearby scenic spots will surely spur tourism in the area.IP Municipal Representative Charles Abela is thankful for the milestone the project as has come. “The provisions of our MOA will surely benefit the IP community,” he said.

The proposed Bineng Combined project has a total capacity of 19 MW. It will harness the Balili River which flows northward of Baguio City to La Trinidad. The project is expected to be operational by 2018.


Hedcor and the IP community performed the Ibaloi ceremony

LTIPO President Pendon Thompson has fond recollection on how Hedcor sustained its relationship with the community.“Other companies will promise the moon and stars but they are all talk. Hedcor never promised us anything back in the days but they are doing all the things we asked even beyond what the law requires.”

Hedcor became the silent partner of the community, always lending a hand to its partners and help to create Barangay Bineng a better place to live in.

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