The company is guided by a core set of policies and procedures embodied in its corporate charters, the Amended Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. The Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws provide for the Company’s purpose in doing business, including the basic procedures and the form and manner by which the Company is managed.

In compliance with the Corporation Code and pursuant to ISMS policy of the Company, the Amended Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, General Information Statement and other corporate books and records are kept and carefully preserved in the principal office of the Company.

Articles of Incorporation
      (2020 Amended AOI)

      (2020 Amended By-Laws)

General Information Statement
      2021 GIS filed on June 19, 2021 
      Amended 2021 GIS filed on August 6, 2021 

      Amended 2021 GIS filed on September 6, 2021