Our Commitment To Sustainability
Begins With The Environment

AboitizPower recognizes the impact of the power industry on our planet, given how energy production utilizes the Earth’s natural resources.

But as we take, we must also give back.

As the nation’s top renewable energy provider and environmental partner, we are leading the power sector in conservation efforts to minimize the adverse effects of power production globally.

These activities include compliance with government regulations and third-party evaluations, reduction of carbon emissions in our plant operations, efficient utilization of water and energy capacity, as well as proper waste management and advocacy campaigns.

The future that we’re building is only as good as the decisions we make now. We only have one planet. Let’s strive to take care of it. 

Energy Mix

AboitizPower currently harnesses Cleanergy, our brand for renewables, from hydro, geothermal, and solar power sources and continues to explore more opportunities to develop renewable energy. AboitizPower, together with its partners, currently owns 1,248 MW of total net sellable capacity from Cleanergy. 

AboitizPower strives to maintain a Balanced Mix Portfolio by providing reliable and ample power supply at reasonable and competitive prices while integrating social development and environmental stewardship into our business operations. Together with our partners, our total net sellable capacity is 5,322 MW, with an energy mix of 23% Cleanergy and 77% thermal energy. 

Our 10-year energy transition strategy will bring our portfolio mix to an almost 50:50 Cleanergy and Thermal capacities by 2030, which will ultimately address our country’s energy trilemma of energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability.

Cleanergy Portfolio

AboitizPower’s 10-year Strategy

Our strategic directions in the next 10 years are geared towards delivering EBITDA growth and a major shift in AboitizPower’s energy mix.

  • Growth capacity from 4,432 MW to 9,300 MW
  • International business will become 13% of our generation portfolio.
  • About 65% of new capacity between 2020 and 2029 will be Cleanergy.
  • As a result, shift our overall capacity mix to almost 50:50 Cleanergy:Thermal.

Government Compliance and Third-Party Certifications

The company complies to various environmental laws in the Philippines, such as the DENR DAO30-IRR for EIS Systems and Republic Act 6969 Toxic Substances and Hazardous and Nuclear Wastes Control Act of 1990.

Our Operational Control subsidiaries secure ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems as part of our commitment to the environment and our communities. 

Environmental Violation

The company did not have any significant fines related to environmental or ecological issues in the past five fiscal years.

All Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) reports of AboitizPower are submitted to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) – Environmental Impact Assessment & Monitoring Division, Environmental Management Bureau (EMB). 

All EIAs can be accessed through DENR’s Compliance Monitoring System (CMR) Online. However, the page is accessible only to the Environmental Regulators (DENR EMB) and can be requested by the public upon the regulator’s approval.

Carbon Emissions Reduction, Energy and Water Efficiency

In 2015, AboitizPower signed The Manila Declaration and joined the Water Alliance. The commitment aims to lower emissions, address climate change resilience, and embed sustainability in our business processes. 

Year on year, the company ensures to reduce carbon emissions, and manage water and energy resources efficiently.  

Energy Consumption

Data Transparency: Energy Consumption data covers 100% of our operationally controlled generation reporting units.


Water Consumption and Recycling

At AboitizPower, we are monitoring our water footprint and maximizing efforts to conserve and recycle water. We contribute to preserving water cycles in our communities through watershed management programs and the rehabilitation of rivers and esteros.

AboitizPower’s hydropower facilities comprise 17% of our energy portfolio with 26 plant facilities across the country. Water supply is critical and requires long-term risk management plans to ensure its viability for the future.

We regularly review and assess the applicability of our performance monitoring across our operations. In 2021, our total water consumption amounts to 846, 685 cu. Meters with 2.52% of water consumed is recycled.  

Data Transparency: Water consumption and recycling data covers 100% of our operationally controlled generation and distribution units.


Waste Management

AboitizPower follows its standardized guideline on solid waste management to include proper segregation, handling, storage, and disposal. This guideline promotes environmentally-sound methods that maximize the utilization of valuable resources and encourages resource re-use, recycling, and recovery, as well as establishing community partnerships where practicable.  

Furthermore, the company ensures that all hazardous waste generated within the facilities are properly identified, labeled, and handled to avoid adverse impact on human health and the environment. 

In 2021, AboitizPower conducted a recalibration on the data monitoring of our environmental footprint. This includes the identification and tracking of the hazardous wastes generated in our facilities. Starting in 2021, our fly ash by-product is tagged and monitored as hazardous waste. Although initially tagged as hazardous, the fly ash generated from our coal facilities is conditioned to be non-hazardous and sent to our partners to use as raw materials for cement grinding and concrete mixing.

AboitizPower strictly complies with all environmental regulations in the management of fly ash and bottom ash for its coal plants. AboitizPower is able to create a closed loop, value adding fly ash management by using the facility waste into a viable raw material for cement companies. Our coal plants has existing partnerships with cement companies for use of fly ash as additive in cement production.

As part of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, particularly on the promotion of sustainable industrialization, we continue to partner with various organizations and companies in innovating new ways on the utilization of our fly ash and bottom ash, and turning it into ecobricks and other sustainable construction materials.

Data Transparency: Waste data covers 100% of our operationally controlled generation and distribution units.


Data Transparency: Waste data covers 100% of our operationally controlled generation and distribution units.


B.R.I.C.K Hub

In AboitizPower, we ensure that our operations create long-term value to our stakeholders. We support a circular economy where our business not only creates economic development but also benefits society and the environment.

One of our projects which supports a circular economy is the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities through Kaibigans (B.R.I.C.K) Hub. TSI in collaboration with Green Antz Builders, Inc., United Kaibigan Multipurpose Cooperative (UKC), and Income Credit Cooperative (ICC) started the development of BRICK Hub which aims to provide waste to wealth livelihood for our community partners, Baranggay Binugao and Inawayan. The ash by-products from our coal facilities and the community plastic wastes are upcycled to produce high-value pavers and eco-bricks that are nine times stronger than a typical hollow block brick.

Through the BRICK Hub, we are not only upcycling our ash but also plastic waste from communities while providing livelihood opportunities to our host communities. With TSI and Green Antz's shared vision of sustainable development, we were able to forge a strong partnership to help communities with solid waste management, support resilient infrastructure, and most importantly reduce our collective environmental footprint.

 BRICK Hub Signing

Biodiversity and Conservation

In line with our carbon emissions reduction and commitment to improving climate change resilience, the company and its subsidiaries have implemented various initiatives and activities that promote biodiversity and environmental conservation. Some of these activities are made possible by our team member volunteerism and partnership with our host communities, government agencies, non-government organizations and people’s groups. Some of these activities include the Annual Aboitiz Groupwide simultaneous tree planting, Cleanergy Park, watershed projects, adoption of protected areas, Adopt-a-River, Adopt-a-Marine Sanctuary, coastal and river clean-ups, and Philippine Eagle Adoption.

In our plant operations, we have installed pollution control devices and new technology and systems which improves our processes and optimize our resources as part of our environmental efforts.

Furthermore, to contribute to SDG 15 (Life on Land) to date, the Aboitiz Group has planted more than 12 million trees across the Philippines, 5 million trees coming from AboitizPower tree planting initiatives. From 2016 to 2021 alone, we planted more than 1.8 million trees in 3,183 ha. During these years, the company also contributed to SDG 14 (Life Below Water) through 158 coastal and river cleanup activities resulting in 148,318 kg of waste collected.

 1AP Biodiversity

Eagle Adoption

AboitizPower has been a partner of the Philippine Eagle Foundation since 2010. Through this partnership and the Captive Breeding Program, we ensure that the national bird of the country is fed, taken care of, sheltered, and conserved.  

Tree Planting Activities

Coastal and River Cleanups

Conservation Initiatives

In our plant operations, we have installed pollution control devices, new technology, and systems that improve our processes and optimize our resources as part of our environmental efforts. We also promote biodiversity and environmental conservation through our programs such as watershed projects, adoption of protected areas, adopt-a-river, adopt-a-marine sanctuary, agroforestry projects, and environmental rehabilitation.  

GHG Emission (Scope 1 and 2)

One of the material topics associated with the energy sector is the GHG emission. In AboitizPower we value transparency and integrity across our operations. We are responsible for reporting the GHG footprint of our operations.

In 2021, as part of our environmental reporting recalibration, we launch and utilize a new tool for our GHG emission accounting. We also recalibrated our previous year's result to ensure that the data reported is consistent with the current year.   

Notes for data transparency:

  1. Since 2015, AboitizPower has been using the Operational Control approach in setting the organizational boundary for the accounting methodology of GHG accounting.  
  2. This system is guided by the corporate accounting and reporting standards of The Greenhouse Gas Protocol developed by World Business Council for Sustainable Development and World Resources Institute.
  3. Data includes Carbon dioxide, Methane & Nitrous oxide emissions.
  4. Data from 2019 covers 100% of AboitizPower operationally controlled generation and distribution units. This accounts for 80.33% of our operationally controlled reporting units including corporate offices, distribution, and generation units. While 2017 and 2018 data covers only the GHG intensity of our operationally controlled generation units.

Generation units included in the report are the following: AP Renewables, Inc, San Carlos Sun Power, Inc., Luzon Hydro Corp., Hedcor, Inc., Hedcor Sibulan, Inc., Hedcor, Tudaya, Inc., Hedcor Sabangan, Inc., Hedcor Bukidnon, Inc., Therma Marine, Inc., Therma Mobile, Inc., Therma South, Inc., East Asia Utilities Corporation, Cebu Private Power Corporation, SN Aboitiz Power Magat, Inc., SN Aboitiz Power Benguet, Inc., Therma Power Visayas, Inc., and Therma Visayas, Inc.  

Distribution units included in the report are the following: Visayan Electric, Davao Light, Cotabato Light, Subic Enerzone, Mactan Enerzone, Balamban Enerzone, Lima Enerzone, and Malvar Enerzone.  

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