We believe that beyond the delivery of reliable energy to support our customers’ growth, AboitizPower is strongly positioned to provide Value Added Services to address their critical and complex operational requirements. We have a team of technical experts and engineers who are well-equipped to help diagnose and design customized energy solutions that may contribute to the overall health of energy systems and mitigate potential risks and losses.

We understand your business and the intricate requirements of your operations. We provide solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of your facilities and your business’ cost-saving objectives.

Customized Solutions

Our team of experts translate your operations’ unique requirements into tailor-fit, customized energy solutions that ensure cost savings, optimal performance and  long-term value for your company.

Hybrid Energy Solutions

Amidst persistent power disturbances, we provide no-power outage solutions to protect sensitive equipment and keep your critical operations up and running. We help support the integration of various technologies available (batteries, solar panels, etc) to address your outage concerns.

Smart Metering/IOT Solutions

We help you explore innovative ways to access and monitor energy-related information through digital transmission of smart meters and interconnectivity of digital devices within your facilities.

Our Team of Energy experts offer predictive maintenance and loss prevention tools such as electrical thermography and power quality analysis.

Our services highlight workplace safety through the proper maintenance of your facility, increasing its reliability and efficiency.

Electrical Thermography

Our licensed thermography engineers use the latest thermal imaging devices to monitor high temperature in your equipment, which may lead to electrical defects. Their comprehensive analysis will enable your technical team to proactively perform preventive maintenance, avoid further damages and  save up on costs.

Power Quality Analysis

We ensure that the voltage, current, and overall electrical parameters of your machines are in optimum performance. We want to be your partner in keeping the health of your equipment in check to avoid production losses and other disruptions.

Dissolved Gas Analysis

Through our partner network, we help your facilities avoid transformer failures through the early detection of concentrations of various gases dissolved inside the transformer. 

AboitizPower Distributed Energy, Inc. (APX) is AboitizPower’s business unit engaged in medium to large-scale after-the-meter solar power installations. APX is yet another addition to AboitizPower’s Cleanergy portfolio. The subsidiary installed its first facilities on top of the Aboitiz & Co. office in Cebu City as well as the 1.5-mWp project at The Outlets of AboitizLand at Lipa in Batangas. The company is also looking at several other projects in Luzon and Visayas, taking advantage of AboitizPower’s existing customers as well as its relationships with other business units within the Aboitiz Group. Backed by AboitizPower’s more than 80 years of experience in the power industry, APX is ready to help create better solutions for customers to meet their requirements through secure and long-term partnerships.