AboitizPower’s right mix portfolio of assets allows us to be ready and able to meet the needs of our customers. The company continues to invest in additional capacity to meet the ever increasing needs of businesses and the country.

Through our retail companies, we are a major player in the retail electricity market operating in Luzon and Visayas with more than 300 customers from various industries and key verticals. Our products and value-added services are tailored to address our customers’ specific needs. The company’s balanced mix portfolio of power assets ensures our competitive edge and enables us to meet the ever-increasing requirements of our customers. 

We believe that beyond the delivery of reliable energy to support our customers’ growth, AboitizPower is strongly positioned to provide Value Added Services to address their critical and complex operational requirements. We have a team of technical experts and engineers who are well-equipped to help diagnose and design customized energy solutions that may contribute to the overall health of energy systems and mitigate potential risks and losses.