Why Invest in AboitizPower?


We are an industry leader in the Philippines:

  • Second largest generation company (installed capacity)
  • Second largest distribution  and retail company 
  • Largest renewable capacity (controlled installed capacity, most number of renewable facilities)

We leverage on our strengths:

  • Most diverse  power generation company
    • Geography
    • Power Stack
    • Fuel Types
  • Management experience and expertise (since 1918)
  • Strong financial position
    • Stable cash generation
    • Low leverage
    • Attractive dividend policy

We have robust growth initiatives:

  • Targeting 9,200 MW by 2030 (from 3,494 MW as of end 2020)
  • Targeting 50:50 Cleanergy and Thermal capacity mix by 2030 (coal will be 32%) 
  • With available land for plant expansion
  • Targeting to maximize contestable market share


What are its business strategies?

The Company’s business strategy is to increase shareholder value by developing new generation projects, selectively acquiring existing generating facilities, expanding its electricity-related services and continuing to improve the operational efficiency of its existing generation and distribution facilities. More specifically, the Company’s strategy includes the following:

  • Expand the Company’s generation portfolio
  • Contract the bulk of the Company’s attributable net sellable capacity and leverage the generating portfolio mix
  • Expand the scope of the Company’s distribution business and continue to improve the operational efficiency of its existing distribution assets
  • Maintain a high level of social responsibility in the communities in which the Company operates


What are its competitive strengths?

The Company believes that its principal strengths are the following:

  • Strong track record in both power generation and distribution
  • Ability to take advantage of expected strong power market fundamentals
  • Power generation contracts that provide steady and predictable cash flow
  • Benefits from renewable energy sources
  • Dependable and growing sources of income from its power distribution businesses
  • Strong financial position and the ability to obtain limited recourse and corporate level financing
  • Established relationships with strategic partners
  • Strong and experienced management team


For a full discussion, please contact ap_investor@aboitiz.com.

We aim to create long-term value for all our stakeholders while ensuring this benefits our communities and team members.

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Mar 10 FY 2020 Analysts’ Briefing AEV/AP Zoom
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Apr 28 1Q 2021 Analysts’ Briefing AEV/AP Zoom
July  30 2Q/1H 2021 Analysts’ Briefing AEV/AP Zoom
Nov 04 3Q/9M 2021 Analysts’ Briefing AEV/AP Zoom
Nov   Asset Tour AP Zoom

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