Below are the independent analysts that cover AboitizPower.

Company Name Email Address
COL Financial George Ching
Regis Partners Aaron Salvador
JP Morgan Ajay Mirchandani / Jelline Gaza
PEP Julian Roxas
MATRKE Benedict Clemente
Macquarie Karisa Magpayo
UBS Bob Setiadi
SB Securities Eunice Dolatre
BPI Securities Angelo Torres
Credit Suisse Micaela Abaquita
Morgan Stanley Mayank Maheshwari / Syahda Chandra
CLSA Benjo Fajardo
BDO Securities Joaquin Francisco
Papa Securities Ryan Pasion
Unicapital Securities King de Mesa/Marco Janairo
F Yap Josh Garces
Daiwa Janine Gonzales
Abacus German dela Paz
Wealth Securities Laura Dy-Liacco
PNB Jonathan Latuja
Regina Capital Paola Beatrice Lopez
Philstocks Japhet Tantiangco
First Metro Angellico Llabares

Above data are being provided for information purposes only and are not intended for trading or advise. Any opinions, estimates, forecasts, projections or predictions regarding AboitizPower’s financial and stock price performance made by these analysts are theirs alone and do not represent the opinions, estimates, forecasts, projections of AboitizPower, its management, or employees. Moreover, provision of the list above does not imply any endorsement from AboitizPower or its concurrence with reports, conclusions or recommendations made by these analysts.

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