Transparency, Communication, and Sustainability Reporting

The Aboitiz Group’s governance framework includes the timely, complete, and accurate disclosure of all material information regarding  AboitizPower. Information includes earnings results, acquisitions or disposals of assets, Board changes, RPTs, shareholdings of directors, and changes in ownership. In addition, the Group’s Consolidated Annual and Sustainability Report, which is based on GRI Sustainability Reporting standards, sets out its values and governance model. The integrated report links the Group’s strategy and its commitment to a sustainable global economy. Through the report, the Group is able to measure, understand, and communicate its economic, environmental, social and governance performance. From these, goals can then be set, and change managed more effectively.

In 2020, the Board of Directors of AboitizPower approved the proposed governance framework needed to organize, cascade, manage, and communicate the Group’s ESG in