Economic, Social, and Environmental Impact

The Aboitiz Group remains committed to support economic growth, social development, and environmental stewardship in the conduct of its businesses. The concept of balance between planet, people, and profit is not a new concept on how the Aboitiz Group operates its businesses. Advocacy and adherence to environmental sustainability and care for stakeholders have always been part of the Aboitiz Way – living the core value of Responsibility.

In 2020, AAboitizPower officially established an ESG governance structure to integrate existing corporate social responsibility, corporate governance, and environmental sustainability programs. The goal is to create an integrated approach in developing, implementing, monitoring, and communicating initiatives and results to the Group’s internal and external stakeholders. The Aboitiz Integrated Sustainability Report outlines the coordinated efforts of the Group’s sustainability stewards and applying ESG principles to improve the Group’s performance on team member engagement and development, corporate social responsibility, customer focus, disaster resilience, carbon emissions reduction, resource efficiency, renewable energy, waste management, financial growth, and financial returns. The Sustainability Reports of  AboitizPower are available for viewing and downloading at and www.aboitizpower. com/ sustainability.