Attendance at Board and Board Committee Meetings

Conduct and Attendance at Board and Board Committee Meetings

The AboitizPower Board of Directors are expected to serve with diligence. In order to facilitate their attendance in meetings, the schedule for the regular Board and committee meetings for the upcoming year is approved and circulated to members before the start of the year. Directors are not only expected to attend meetings but to actively participate by providing valuable professional counsel, strategic guidance, and constructive feedback. The timely distribution of meeting materials within five days before each Board or committee meeting ensures the directors’ active participation.

Despite COVID-related travel restrictions in 2020, the AEV and AboitizPower Boards continued to discharge their duties and responsibilities. Board and committee activities remained business as usual. Meetings were conducted through a secure videoconferencing platform that allowed each member to interact and participate remotely. Like in previous years, meeting materials were circulated to Board members through a secure digital platform at least five days before the meeting. Meeting protocols were regularly reviewed and modified for more efficient virtual Board and committee meetings.

Attendance at Board and Committee Meetings

The table below shows the attendance record of AboitizPower directors for the Board and Board Committee meetings in 2020: