AboitizPower subsidiary opens new substation

he Visayan Electric Company (VECO) recently inaugurated its 20th substation within its franchise area, bringing more stable and reliable power supply to the southern Cebu town of San Fernando.

According to VECO Chief Operating Officer Anton Mari Perdices, the 12.5 megavolt ampere (MVA) substation was built to meet the growing demand for power in the municipality.

“We basically built this because of the growth of San Fernando,” he said during the inauguration of the facility last Dec. 13.

Located in Barangay Panadtaran, the facility will provide an increase in capacity for loads in the southernmost part of VECO’s franchise area such as San Fernando and some portions of the City of Naga.

The facility utilizes a high-voltage bus – a double bus ready with tie configuration – designed to accommodate two high voltage source feeders. Power is sourced from VECO AYA substation located in Colon, Naga.


The municipality of San Fernando is a strategic location since, geographically, San Fernando is the load end of the 23kV network of VECO. 

This means that when there is a fault along the line, without the substation, the entire line after the faulted region will be isolated or de-energized.

With the installation of the San Fernando substation, only the faulted region will be isolated or de-energized. All other loads after the faulted region will remain energized. Thus, power interruption during unplanned circumstances will be reduced.