10 Outstanding Suppliers recognized 

10 Outstanding Suppliers recognized
OUTSTANDING SUPPLIERS. Ten suppliers were awarded in Hedcor’s Suppliers day for their support to the hydropower company’s commitment of delivering clean and renewable energy.

Hedcor, a run-of-river hydropower company recognized its partners in the business industry with a yearend bash where ten outstanding suppliers were awarded.

About a hundred businesses joined the year-end bash organized by Hedcor to thank its suppliers for being reliable partners in the promotion of renewable energy.

“Every year, we note the growing number of suppliers partnering with the Hedcor Group. We thank you all your support as we fulfill our promise of a Better Future,” says Dan Rey Faelnar, AVP for Supply Chain.

Hedcor’s annual Suppliers Day recognizes suppliers who have been fully committed to their partnership with Hedcor during the previous years and have responded most effectively to the company’s expectations.

Senior Vice President Chris Faelnar meanwhile shared the outlook of Hedcor in the power industry. Hedcor vision is to generate 2Billion kilowatt-hours of Cleanergy by 2020 through developing and operating efficient hydropower systems.

The ten outstanding suppliers come from Mindanao and Luzon where Hedcor’s plants are also located. The top companies are: Jotun (Philippines) Inc., PPI Pazifik Power, Inc., Sunertech Corporation, Phil Packings & Seals Corp, Silgen Industrial Corporation, Hydrauking Industrial Corporation, Switch Industrial Sales Corporation, Venn Mark Corporation, LCTSI- Lead Core Technology System Incorporated and Gerco Builders and Farm Supply, Inc.

The companies were evaluated based on quality, timeliness, price and after sales support. In 2013, The Suppliers Day was held at Bakun AC hydropower plant located in Alilem, Ilocos Sur.

Hedcor generates clean and renewable energy with a total generation of 170MW in Benguet, Davao and Ilocos Sur.