Sustainability & CSR

The Aboitiz Group looks beyond profitability and explores better ways to integrate good social development and responsible environmental stewardship into our business operations.

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Sustainability Policy

We can do well by doing good, by always making the right long-term decisions that balance the interests of people, planet, and profit.

We are guided by the following principles:

  • Stakeholders must be treated with fairness.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of doing business.
  • Decisions are made with highest regard for their long-term impact.
  • We live in our core values of integrity, teamwork, innovation, and responsibility.

We make decisions based on our objectives to:

  • Partner with communities to promote inclusive growth.
  • Provide a commercially-sustainable customer experience.
  • Attract, retain, and optimize A-People.
  • Build, protect, and enhance our reputation.
  • Minimize our environmental impact.
  • Enhance overall long-term effectiveness of the organization.
  • Grown profitably.

We are committed to making Aboitiz a truly sustainable enterprise that we can entrust to future generations.We can do well by doing good, by always making the right long-term decisions that balance the interests of people, planet, and profit.

Sustainability Report

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) began reporting its sustainability initiatives from a group perspective in 2009. Through the years, the company has communicated its commitment and initiatives on corporate governance and sustainability to engage team members and external stakeholders.

Through its ‘BetterWorld” campaign, Aboitiz’s sustainability program aims to increase awareness among stakeholders about its existing initiatives supporting the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

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Sustainability Framework

In support of the triple bottomline, the Group identified focus areas where it can make the biggest difference with the intent of establishing measurable objectives, defining and setting achievable targets, and tracking them year on year.


In the concept of triple bottom line that we adhere to, People is a paramount priority. Aboitiz has made it a point to implement fair and beneficial business practices toward the organization’s team members, customers, communities and society.


The Aboitiz Group remains consistent with its campaign towards a BetterWorld through its environmental programs and initiatives. Year round compliance with mandatory requirements is observed by Aboitiz. This ensures that the company, with its full operations, does not pose negative impacts to the environment and follows regulations wherever it operates.


In growing profitably, the Aboitiz Group adheres to fair business practices that align both majority and minority interests. This has guided the company for generations and propelled it to becoming one of the best-managed companies in the region that enjoys a high level of trust and confidence from its stakeholders.

The Group promotes inclusive growth by enriching people’s lives especially in communities where its businesses operate as part of its mission of creating long-term value for all its stakeholders. Balancing growth with a strong social component and healthy environmental practices are key components to building a sustainable business that will last for generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Aboitiz Group’s commitment to sharing with the less fortunate is a philosophy that traces its roots over a century ago when its forefathers first established their business in Leyte. This legacy of sharing has been instilled and passed on through generations of its corporate history. It was one of its first leaders, Don Ramon Aboitiz, who started corporate philanthropy through donations to various groups and needing communities, as well as looking after the welfare of his employees.

In 1965, Don Ramon gave a big part of his personal wealth to establish the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI). RAFI is a family-based foundation that is rooted from the philosophy of its founder that “the dignity of man is best respected by helping him realize his hopes and by sharing with him the burden of his fears.” Its vision is has consistently been “Touching People, Shaping the Future” while its current focus areas are integrated development, micro-finance & entrepreneurship, culture & heritage, leadership & citizenship, and education.

As the Aboitiz Group diversified into many businesses, its commitment to sharing grew accordingly. After decades of giving to various worthy causes in an informal manner, and with the increasing magnitude of assistance needed in areas where its companies operate, the Aboitiz management decided to find a more efficient and effective way of giving. Thus in 1988, the Aboitiz Group established the Aboitiz Foundation (Foundation) as its corporate foundation to address the social and economic development needs of marginalized members of society.

Over the past years, The Foundation has been committed to its mission of helping people help themselves and pursuing its vision to be the neighbor of choice.

It constantly delivers value to its stakeholders, including communities where there is Aboitiz presence. It focuses its CSR efforts on education, enterprise development, and environment. They are always ready to help in times of calamities, aiming to be among the first to respond.

Since the late 1980s, its initiatives have evolved from a CSR 1.0, which involves simple philanthropic activities, to a CSR 2.0, which engages projects that are more sustainable for its beneficiaries and at the same time aligned to its businesses. Moving forward, it intends to carefully select projects that would help it reach its goal of achieving CSR 2.0.

One such project is Weather Philippines Foundation (WPF), which is Foundation’s largest single donation. WPF aims to deliver critical and accurate weather forecasts to the Filipino community, with the hope of improving nationwide disaster preparedness, and timely response to variable weather conditions. By bringing together the Aboitiz Group’s resources and network, and partner MeteoGroup’s technical expertise, WPF is poised to be the country’s premiere private weather information/content provider. WPF plans to have roughly 1,000 automated weather station/devices installed across the Philippines.

Aboitiz Foundation Website

WeatherPhilippines Website

Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Website


Cleanergy Center

The Cleanergy Center is a free educational facility located in the Admin Compound of MakBan Geothermal Power Plant in Bgy. Bitin, Bay, Laguna.

The Center is focused on renewable energy education through the use of audio visual presentations, interactive displays, and a tour of a working geothermal power plant.

You may check or email us at for more information about Cleanergy Center and to inquire on how to book your visit.