Retail Electricity Services

AboitizPower’s right mix portfolio of power assets allows us to be ready and able to meet the needs of our customers. The company continues to invest in additional capacity to meet the ever increasing needs of businesses and the country.

Retail Electricity Services Overview

AboitizPower’s Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) companies provides energy solutions to help customers in managing their power needs. They also offer value-added services like power factor, thermal scanning, and power quality analysis, etc.

Aboitiz Energy Solutions, Inc. (AESI)

AESI is the official Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) of AboitizPower, a leader in the electricity and power industry in the country today. Since 1994, AESI has provided energy solutions to help companies in managing their power quality and efficiency.

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Advent Energy Inc. (AdventEnergy)

Incorporated in August 2008, AdventEnergy is a licensed RES, duly authorized by the ERC to sell, broker, market, or aggregate electricity to end-users, specifically those within economic zones.

AdventEnergy differentiates itself from competition by sourcing electricity from a 100% renewable source. As a result, more and more companies are opting to source a part, if not the majority, of their electricity supply from AdventEnergy as an environmental initiative.

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Prism Energy Inc. (Prism Energy)

Prism Energy was incorporated in March 2009 as a joint venture between AboitizPower and Vivant. Prism Energy is envisioned to serve contestable customers in the Visayas Region.

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SN Aboitiz Power - Res, Inc. (SNAP-RES)

SNAP-RES is the retail electricity supplier arm of the SN Aboitiz Power Group, the group of companies formed out of the strategic partnership between AboitizPower and SN Power. It caters to contestable customer sector and electricity consumers using an average of at least 1 MW in the last 12 months across all industries under Open Access. It offers energy supply packages tailored to the customers’ needs and preferences.

Supply of Power

• Bilateral arrangement to suit the load profile of the user
• Inclusion of WESM purchases by the AP Trading Team in the bilateral arrangement.

Energy Efficiency Service

• Provision for thermal scanning service for the users substation facility to identify “hot spots” in the electrical system
• System loss evaluation for distribution utilities
• Power quality analysis to determine behavior of electrical system

Power Factor Correction

• Service to evaluate system power factor and identify areas where capacitor bank installation may be applicable