Cebu Private Power Corporation (CPPC), a 60/40 joint venture between AboitizPower and Vivant Corporation, operates one of the largest diesel power plants in Cebu that can generate reliable peaking power supply.
Name: Cebu
Capacity: 70 MW
Location: Ermita, Cebu City
Commisioning: 1998
Description: Incorporated on July 13, 1994, Cebu Private Power Corporation (CPPC) owns and operates a 70-MW Bunker C-fired power plant, one of the largest diesel powered plants in the island of Cebu. Commissioned in 1998, the CPPC plant was constructed pursuant to a BOT contract to supply 62 MW of power to VECO.

AboitizPower acquired 60% interest in CPPC from EAUC on April 20, 2007. VEC holds the remaining 40% of the outstanding common shares in CPPC, while VECO owns all of CPPC’s redeemable preferred shares. VEC and AboitizPower are the major shareholders of VECO. CPPC is imbedded inside the franchise area of VECO.

On December 26, 2010, CPPC started selling its excess capacity through the WESM.