Therma Luzon, Inc. (TLI), the first IPP Administrator in the country, manages the coal-fired power plant in Pagbilao, Quezon that supplies the Luzon grid with cheap and reliable baseload power supply almost ceaselessly.
Name: Pagbilao
Capacity: 700 MW
Location: Pagbilao, Quezon Province
Commisioning: August 14, 1996
Description: Pagbilao Coal was constructed in 1993. It is located at Ibabang Polo, Isla Grande, Pagbilao, Quezon Province. The two units have been fully operational since August 14, 1996.

TLI, as a wholly-owned Subsidiary of TPI, is effectively 100% owned by AboitizPower. TLI submitted the highest offer in the competitive bidding conducted by PSALM for the appointment of an IPPA for the 700-MW contracted capacity of Pagbilao coal-fired thermal power plant located in Pagbilao, Quezon (Pagbilao Plant).

TLI became the first IPPA in the country when it assumed the role of the registered trader of the contracted capacity of the Pagbilao Plant in 2009. As IPPA, TLI is responsible for procuring the fuel requirements of and selling the electricity generated by the Pagbilao Plant. The Pagbilao Plant is being operated by TeaM Energy under a BOT scheme.